Bee and Puppycat and Me.


“Congrats on the series, guys!”

Like the rest of the world, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Bee and Puppycat. The sailor moon referencing, the cat who’s also a dog, the adorable vocaloid song that Puppycat sings, Wallace and his cute fishy self. Plus the fact that Tom Kenny and Marina Sirtis are among the voice actor in the 10 min pilot piece. I mean, a super famous name in the animation biz, and Deanna Troi! Fangirl mode into overdrive, amiright?

Also, Bee is extremely relatable, despite her induction into the scary, cryptic stuff that surrounds Puppycat. The entire thing starts off with Bee being fired from whatever job she has, not for the first time, plus it’s raining, further cementing this unwanted milestone in her life.  Now she’d have to go right back into the pool of other losers waiting for a job.

She has a new pet, no food money for either herself or said pet, her fairly nice apartment would be under siege soon if she doesn’t find a job, but she has little in the way of securing one and is (not that politely) told that she’s a hopeless case, by a man with a turtle obsession and a picture of a squirtle on his wall.

Oh, and she umbrella-punches her potential love interest in the nuts, when the poor dude just wanted to give her a lasagne.That happened. Yeah.

During the past year, (before my BAPC revelation) I’ve been aware that I’d possibly be facing a similar situation.  But being me, I put it aside, put it away, never looking at it, simply because I had other, more pressing things to do, like graduating.  Now I’m in said pool of losers, looking for and hoping for a job, stocked up on cat food, while lacking food for myself, have parents’ pity and disdain blaring at me, and an inbox full of spam and no reply to the applications and inquiries that I sent out. Oh, and, no love interest to umbrella-punch in the nuts.

So when I finally saw Bee and Puppycat, understandably, I fell in love. I’d found my new best friend! Plans were already in the making. We could’ve taken whatever cash I stashed from my many months of not seeing daylight, splurged it on alcohol in some cheap little bar somewhere, and bitched about our horrible luck at job-hunting. Afterward, she’d go home to Puppycat, and I’d go home to my cats and Doctor Who. Cuz -Cuz, Doctor Who.

She’s so much so my best friend, that when she finally gets a job, I was happy for her! She deserved it! And the pay was sweet! Well, that was fair considering the giant alien monster she and Puppycat fought, in the outfit she outright didn’t like. You go girl! Live the Sailor Senshi dream! And get paid, too! *insert corny V – stance here* She has a job, she could buy food, and she could even thank Deckard for the food in kind. Without her umbrella in hand, of course.

Still, I can’t help but feel a little jealous. Opportunity literally bowled her over and dragged her to her new career and I’m still here searching, waiting and wondering.


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