The Power of Pants

Baggy Jeans make you feel like a rebel. Skinny jeans make you feel like a model. New yoga pants make you feel productive and healthy, Shorts, casual. Tights, cute. etc, etc, and that’s just for girls. No pants = comfort and smirking at boys who smirk back just as hard since they could be shirtless, when we have Conditional Shirtless Comfort. Guys will have to tell me what different kinds of pants do for them. Culture manifests itself in different ways, in different places, at different time. We know this. Social Studies, Sociology, History and Geography are a few subject areas that address this.

What they don’t tell you is that we don’t need different eras and different countries for Culture and Society to ban up together and dictate our moods.

Here is the beginning of my revelation. From 8 pm on any given night, after tossing off the days clothes with the restrictive (comfortable, but still restrictive) pants and that sleeveless top, because, leh’s face it, living like 10 degrees or so from the Equator, it gets pretty hot and humid, despite the coolness that rain is supposed to bring. I don my giant Wondertwins  tee, and settle down for a night five and a half hours of Tumblr posts. And I feel happy being pant-less. It’s confidence building. It’s what cute Alt girls do, it’s so New Girl, cuz Zooey! It just makes sense because it’s nighttime and it’s sleeptime and Tee’s.

So nighttime pant-less-ness is good.

Waking up in the morning pant-less. Whole different biz. 

It’s as different as night and day, up to the way that on Earth, very little has changed in that 12 hours since you let your legs fell fresh air. You wake up, you have on no pants. It’s easily resolved. Put on some pants. Problem solved. There’s a reason people say they’ve caught you with your pants down. Euphemisms aside, it’s embarrassing, it’s you being seen as vulnerable. It’s confidence wreaking. It’s what sad people do when they have no life but netflix and icecream. Spoiler: Netflix and icecream is only good when you otherwise feel a sense of purpose. Otherwise, it’s like alcohol – a shovel for your depression.

Daytime pant-less-ness is bad.

So, yes. Pants do hold power. 

That’s why I was only able to properly get the words for this out while wearing a dress.


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