Bucket lists

Tomorrow a couple of friends of mine from university are going on a trek around the country, and getting a head start on their bucket lists.

It’s a good idea, and one that I’ve considered for myself and my old friends from primary and secondary school. But it seems that that’s near impossible to do since life and anti-synchronicity. And yeah I could probably put off my Christmas baking and head down with  my uni friends and have a fun time. But all in all, I’d rather not. It wasn’t my idea, and I feel like I’d be intruding, so…. No.

But it is a good idea. It’s got me thinking about my own to-do-before-I-can’t-anymore list.

What would I like to do before life and/or death hits me and moots the whole thing?  

Well first things first, I’d just like to take my car, my phone and my camera on a drive up and down my island’s highways and see the sights that I’ve never seen and those that I haven’t seen in years. All by myself. And since Trinidad isn’t too big, it’ll be done in a day. Part 2 of 2, I’d take the ferry to Tobago and do the same thing. A 2-day solo insta-drive. Peace, quiet and solitude all for me.

I’d like to gather four of my closest girl friends, pick a beach and camp/rent a house for a night and just do that. Beach things- swim, sand castles, cook-out, exploring and pick up driftwood just cuz we can.

Visit at least one Caribbean island and check out the languages, history, society. Compare it with Trinidad and Tobago and see how close this community is.

Do the same to a Latin-American country. Maybe Mexico, or Venezuela. Argentina or Chile when it’s not so cold. And if any of the latter, maybe check out Easter island?

Spend a week in New York in the fall. Take lots of cliché city pics.

Do an epic airport photoshoot.

Head over to the British Isles and feed my fandoms. Get started on figuring out the phonology of different regions and apply the data to Harry Potter charms and transfiguration spells. Also, see if any natural Irish or Welsh speakers are still around or not. Spazz in either case.

Get a Fabergé egg and a Matryoshka doll set.

Attend an opera.

Veg for 2 days on a couch after completing a self-satisfying  project.

Learn a signed language.

Attend a U2  concert. Spazz.

Spend a week in a country by myself. Do other week with my brother.

Help save an endangered language.

Spend a day in a cross-country book-hunt.

Do something I both regret and enjoy.

San Diego Comic Con. ‘Nuff said.

Have a ludicrous business idea and see it through.

Spend a week home, playing the entire Kingdom Hearts series. This means epic investment on game consoles for this sole purpose.

And this is what I could come up with now. But I think I could feel fulfilled with this. 🙂

– Kaye


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