Teddy has an operation

So I’ve …ahhh… watched this Video. Naturally y’all know which one I’m talking about. I got linked to it after watching Hug Me, I’m Scared 2 -Time, so I already know this one will be disturbing. And it was. To a certain extent. Face value it was bad. Like the cigarette butts, made me frown. The sprinkle layer looked like fleshy-bits to me. And then, haha, we get to the Meat of the matter. Yar. So.

But after getting over the shock of it all, I suppose there is a deeper message to us, that this poor teddy was chosen to send.

The bon-bon layer – it’s what we all see, once the guard is let down

The Sprinkle layer – the sweetness – even that could be depleted.

The kidneys – Teddy’s patience runs out. Our patience with the world runs out. That’s reality.

The courage sack – Fear infects us. It ruins us, and stunts potential.

The heart – Even the biggest hearts get broken.

The Doctor – God? Maybe. Time? Possibly. Whoever he is, he represents the thing that mends us all. Replaces the thing we choose to kill the past hurts. That thing that replenishes the sweetness we lose. We eventually get more patient with those around us, despite our past and our situations. That eliminates the fear that once riddled us and bred mercilessly, and returns curiosity and wonder to our souls. Our hearts can be mended to. We let go of our pasts, we get rid of the ones that hurt us and allow more people into our lives who can get us better.

Or maybe I’m reading into this too much. Maybe it’s just a disturbing little video. You decide *shrugs*



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