Pearl Pearson – Deaf community and the police

Okay, so I’m not the most informed person. I have access to news sites and articles, but sadly, they’re underutilized. But as it stands, thank you social media for coming through on informing people.

So, everyone but me has been aware for a while now of the beating of a Deaf man, when he failed to comply with orders that he was given by a couple of police officers. He’s been hospitalised and the family has been raising money for him. Which is good.

So now that I’m aware of the incident I’m looking up information as I type this, so I don’t get too much of the wrong info. If I do, please, correct me. As I said – not the most well-informed person in the world. But I’m not finding too much on the incident past five or six days ago. Is that right? How come if this happened since the 3rd, no one reported it? Or maybe I’m just not too far into my search. If that’s the case and y’all have info, could y’all lemme know?

This whole thing really does tend to open your eyes on the reality of other social groups around us. (And I seem to remember saying that I’d do another Rant on my take on Deaf Culture – again, not a part, just an interested observer)

I mean, the way I see it, is that we all pride ourselves in living in a time where bigotry and discrimination do not exist. We are more liberal than ever, and people both conservative and well, liberal have learned to coexist and respect each other’s opinions and differences. Really?

Well, no. Some things we all will fight over, naturally. We grow up in different cultures and different teachings and form different opinions. They’re a part of life, differences. And with new experiences out there, we’ll just have to deal with them. But what gets me, is that – seriously! if we live in an advanced, more liberating time, why do things like this happen? It bugs me, really.

Because even now, the world seems to be separated firstly into these two groups, each with their own groupy opinions. And within those are smaller groups with different individual opinions and so on. Which is fine, but it’s when things get violent, and this violence is justified on the basis of differences and differences of opinion. Which, I can only guess, is what happened here.But what where the reasons? Why did Pearson get assaulted? If the media knows, why not explain it to the people who are just as baffled as we are. I’d be crass and go on to ask, if the family know… blah blah blah, but they’ve been through enough already.

But as it is, I don’t know and neither do  alot of people, so I’m breaking social protocol here and publicly speculating. (But even as I think of reasons I want to punch myself in the face for considering it.) Race? He was a black man. He was old? What? He’s Deaf?  Ehhhhh….

ugh, I feel sick now.  Seriously I dunno….

So little anecdote-type thing while I find my bearings.

So remember in Switched at Birth when Bay got arrested and Regina thought it was Daphne and she got all panicked and practically shrieked at she needs an interpretor, because it’s required? Remember in the same show when Daphne got attacked and she finally went to report it and the officer was all what’s a deaf kid doin out of doors at night it’s dangerous ? (I mean he was right in a way, since night is a dangerous time for anyone to be out, and no one wants their sixteen year old to get attacked by random weirdos in the park. Still his thing was she’s deaf so, understandably, Regina was upset.)  And remember when Emmett basically had this same problem when he was arrested because the police officer didn’t know, or care to know what he was trying to let him know?

I think I have my bearings now.

I know SaB is a TV show, and on some level I knew it reflected the reality that is faced in Deaf communities all over, not just in Kansas, USA. But this incident just cements it. It’s real. People fear the unknown and act like morons over what they don’t know. Or care to know.

What get’s me, is that Pearson was adhering to what he knew he had to do. He pulled over, he showed his license, which states that he’s a deaf driver, he had a card  otherwise which stated it too, and then.. it.. just… blew up…. He was assaulted. He didn’t know why. His family didn’t know why. He was given no interpreter to clear anything up on either side. I’m not sure the media knew until like a week later. And the officers got suspended with pay.

It’s all one-sided to me. And not in the way you’d expect justice to work.

Once again, a minority gets the shaft. Once again, they aren’t sure why. Once again, they’re reminded of this reality.

And once again, I’m kinda ashamed of the human race.  A meme comes to mind – this is why aliens don’t talk to us. They’re afraid we’ll kill them. If this is what we do to our own people, what will we do to someone else?


Again, I’m just ranting. I stated I don’t have too much information. But I did get this from the information I do have. If you have any more than me, lemme know. And state your own opinions. I wanna know and learn from y’all


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