So I’m late this week on posting an article this week according to WordPress. Seriously though, I hadn’t gotten anything really new to say,  an utter lack of inspiration. But who of what should come to the rescue, but the brainchild of the Gordon-Levitt brothers.

JGL’s idea of getting real people involved and getting them to open their lives, their brains, their hearts, their talents, their Identities basically, to the world. It’s brilliant! And oddly scary! Maybe because I haven’t done something like this for years. Not past superficiality anyway.

So, to you, JGL, I’m basically saying, bring it on *while sweating  nervously *

So let’s see. Episode one tonight was just that – the number one, the first, Firsts, the concept of One, many in one, one in many.

So that’s got me thinking. What first is there to talk about? What can I say?

First date? First fight? First CD? First time driving? Or crashing? That seems fine….  I guess….. Or that time I got a black eye? There are surprisingly a lot of firsts that I’ve experienced. Specially considering that I am the first daughter and first child of the house.

How about the time I tried making that soufflé!

So, kinda lame, but I love baking, and this fancy dessert was something I always wanted to try out. Even before Clara on DW, but there’s little I can say to convince people otherwise.

So may as well get this started.

Cupcake wars actually started this little adventure.

After watching the episode, I forget which it was now, but it does seem to be the catalyst for all my baking. Of course, then I figured why not? I always wanted to, I had the ingredients, and I had the time (or so I thought – miscalculated the time I’d need to do it, and I still had to get ready for class that evening.) But even through that and my half-assed efforts as time passed, it still came out pretty decent, if more than a tad undercooked, if you could see at what I mean. Prolly not.

Still, it’s a simple enough recipe, even if it’s a bit difficult. And if it came out, where the ingredients were completely integrated, it wasn’t eggy, and had a good texture, ( where cooked :-$ ) even though it didn’t rise….

I’m not discouraged. It’ll work next time, when I have more time…

So yeah.

Moral : try one new thing, get it done, learn from your mistakes, do it better, love it and share it. It’s what new things are for.


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