Tobago! (Or My First Attempt at Outside for 2014)


So this week  (27-28 January) I bummed a lime with one of my oldest friends and one of her friends to the sister isle. Firstly, I generally don’t go Places, so the fact that I went is applause worthy. Secondly, I don’t usually care to go Tobago, because, I think that whatever you could see there, you could see here in Trinidad and what you can see that’s unique to Tobago, I’ve already seen it before so… Meh.


But there’s something about taking a person who’s never seen these things, who could fully appreciate the tropical weather that we here take for granted, because the UK, and cold, and the temperatures, and the vast amount of differences between the two regions…. It was cute, and contagious. The same things I don’t really care for suddenly became new and novel and ossum. And then I Did Things. And Saw Stuff. I attempted and both succeeded and failed at snorkeling (it happened, I swear it did! I just didn’t get very far  :|) I talked to People! I saw things that I had slept through before because I was younger and bored and tired of trees and hills. I saw a ginormous tree that i know already (silk cotton tree) because we had one just like it in NGHS but it was a tiny thing compared to the one we saw! Like it was huge! The shade was degrees cooler than it would be away from it. There were tree-caves around the trunk of the tree. It was great in every sense of the word.

Okay, no. I’m jumping all over.

Lemme start over.

We immediately got off the plane, after a quick 20 min. flight, to the Buccoo Reef tours. It takes you three places – you start at Store Bay, stop over at Pigeon Point – nothing much happens here. But then, if Jess’ reactions are any indication, you see the beginning of the coral reef – extremely exciting for people who like that. I…. Don’t. But it was nice to see that. After the options to snorkel or not ( I chose. And failed. Panic attack and  I pulled myself to the boat by rope) we continue to the Nylon Pool. It’s pretty calm and gentle – great for kids. Then with help from Hans of Hans Tours (our guide for the trip, highly recommend him), we headed to the Turtle Beach resort. We kayaked, pulled seine with the fishermen (like I’d do on any beach in Trinidad), had pooltime/drinks, talked with other guests, went to a cocktail party, talked more, failed at nighttime table tennis, went on the beach and stared at the stars. I found Sagittarius!


That was just the first day.

The second day was more. Just more.


More snorkeling, this time at Mt. Irvine (got better, but didn’t dare go too far. You could still see coral and things pretty close to the shore though) then more beach time at the hotel, (we Dug a Hole!) had lunch, and started our drive around the island. We visited other beaches, saw Random fish guts that had no reason being there (•_•) saw a Kite that was ridiculously far away, but visible so it had to be ridiculously big, went to a fort, (Ft. James?) entered the island forest reserve, (started in 1776, so wow), and then drove through civilisation. Which is a term I use lightly – it seems so stereotypically rural. Or stereotypically like the island paradise you’d imagine.  Which was nice, but not for me as a permanent destination. It’s a nice holiday for me, but I wouldn’t want to live there. And we saw more of the island’s hotels! Three to be precise. And like Jess said, it’s a personality- based choice.

Turtle beach I think was great because there were facilities for  both active and chill lifestyles. You could choose to laze around or go kayaking and pretend to be a fisherman, because you can.

The Magdelena is based at the Tobago plantations and It Is Gorgeous! I thought the converted mansion at  Trujillo in Peru was big and fancy and cool, but Oh My God, Magdalena blows it away with the architecture alone! And the pool is literally a step away from the beach and they have their own art gallery. I was – we were all pretty satisfied with the little that we saw from there, though I admit, I’d’ve loved to stay longer and explore, but time was against us. The Magdalena, I think, is for those who enjoy a quiet, more sophisticated lifestyle. It’s lovely, but not for me, really. I’d feel horribly inadequate after a while

Crown Point is great for Trinis because options. Stay or go, cook or get someone to cook for you. Lime, or stay by yourself. It doesn’t matter really. It’s great for self-sufficient people.

Oh god, these two days were perfect. And to think I almost backed out. And I failed to bring a camera. I took these with my quickly-dying phone.


And Auntie bought us Things! Thank you, Auntie for everything!


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