Trinidad’s Concentration Camp

Trinidad’s Concentration Camp

I remember when we were studying the World Wars in Form 3 and how I wanted to know just how the Caribbean, or more specifically Trinidad and Tobago, was affected by and Involved in the war. I assumed that there would be a call by the British, or the Americans, or so for able-bodied men and boys to be involved in the army and whatnot. But further than that I had no idea. My biggest mistake back then was not asking a question, but I just blindly accepted what I had to learn for exams which would’ve been crucial to getting the class group of my choice. Now, years later, when I was nearly out of University, and far out of my Caribbean History-based education, I know a little bit more about the country at that time. The article above was circulating on my newsfeed on Facebook. I read it, of course, and formulated half-assed opinions and theories. None took root, sadly, but the idea stuck. Now, months after my first discovery of it, here it is again. Here’s an example of how the (sheltered) colonies of the 20th Century reacted to wider world affairs.  

I always say it with reference to Trinidad as it is now – If we were in the Hetalia Universe, i.e. If Trinidad was personified, we’d be that annoying little brother always following Bigger and Stronger nations. And seems we have yet to grow out of it.   



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