Free Pattern: Ribbed SleevoScarf

So after picking up crocheting like a child picks up germs, I’m really excited to do this and get this piece done. Crocheting is making a big comeback in the tropics, but the weather is quickly heating up. So following these instructions with worsted weight yarn, I’m getting a short sleeved convertible scarf. Which should be fine – this is the shrug style I’ve been trawling the internet for all day.

PS – lemme brag about the tiny skills I have – check my progress on instagram @Arkanian_Hyde .

Hookers Don't Bite

I’ve been going out on the weekends a lot with a t-shirt and super fun oversized ribbed knit scarf with the most overindulgent fringe ever. MsNovak  sent me this amazing scarf during the summer’s Seasonal Scarf Swap. I think it’s my favorite scarf EVER. So some of these times when I’ve been going out in my t-shirt and scarf it’s been kind of cold. I kept playing with the scarf and wrapping it around my arms like a sleeve. I realized what I really needed was a multi-purpose scarf that could be used as sleeves when needed. I had seen pictures of some scarves turned shrug and browsed through some patterns, but they all seemed more like summer patterns, so I made one up.

Here’s the pattern for my Ribbed SleevoScarf:

Just over 2 skeins of Loops and Threads Charisma (around 230 yards of Bulky weight yarn).

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