2014 – Status Update – EXP

So we’ve come down to the end of the first quarter of 2014. Stuff has happened worldwide, things have come and changed the lives of many, and I know little to nothing about them.

But that doesn’t matter to me. Nope.

Mainly because I live in a bubble and really just have no idea, and little inclination to know anything.

Because, as boring as my life seems, it’s actually taken a very interesting turn for me.  Let’s recap. (I say let’s, but it’s really me, and you prolly don’t care, but I’ll do it anyway)

First I started this blog, which keeps me here, but still allows me a chance to go out and do things. Which I rarely do, ever. At least it’s motivation to try new things. Which I did so yay me. +1

January kicked off my attempt at a small business. I admit that it’s been sort of at a standstill, and there is no good excuse for it, but there has been progress – I got a tutoring job – as CSEC draws nearer. I’ve been continuing my Spanish blog – well the tutoring part at least. The translation part needs some love. But we’ll get there. Soon. +1 for progress

The end of February took me to crocheting, and I’ve basically spent the most of March dedicated to that. I’ve made two rugs, a cupcake that look more like a mushroom (-____-), a scary-looking owl , bookmarks, a curtain-tie,several bracelets and headbands, a ring (that I lost), a glove that is one and a half or three times too big for me. This last one is one that I’m proud of, since it’s thread crochet and I really wasn’t getting the hang of it before. Now, though, progress. +2 for learning skills

That’s business and hobbies. I also had social goals. Shock and bewilderment.

January, met a friend of a friend, and we went Tobago for the weekend. March, on a whim – well halfway on a whim; it did need planning – we organised a tea party for old friends and new friends. This one, I managed to kill, like, three birds with one stone. Met a friend of a friend, introduced said 2nd now 1st connection with older friends, tossed everyone together to fulfil my second social meeting for the year.+3 for intent and completion

Well, when I put it like that … but then again. Crochet, and books, and things that can only be done outside a social setting.

Oh, books!

It’s really quite sad that Wicked, already been on Broadway for 10 years, and the book’s been out since 1995, but I’ve finally gotten my hands on copies of the four volumes of The Wicked Years. I’d gotten A Lion among Men for Christmas, but after trying an failing to get the others hard copy, I ended up downloading the rest. Bit disappointing, that. But I’ve finished all but Out of Oz.  It’s a good read. I’d suggest it to anyone, really. +1 for search +1 for research

And I’m back in Puppets Ministry in Church, which could be a permanent thing. +1 for returning

I’ve learned that phonesthemes exist in English, learned what they are too, to some extent. So that’s my expansion of linguistic knowledge. +1 for me


So, so far for 2014, I’ve gotten into new things, returned to old things, and pushing myself to do things i really should have been doing ages ago. Lessee how things go for the next quarter.

11 experience points. Woot.





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