Blood red moon – 15 April 2014 (or Insomniac’s Log of Amateur Stargazing)


Tonight, from 0055 my brother and I have been tracking the blood moon. I’ve been taking pictures.

So far, at 2:08, we’re arguing about whether we’re at half-moon or 3/4. At any rate, it’s cold, and it has yet to change colour, but it’s crescenting, somewhat.

Update:  2:19
Laziness, chess (I’ve won both games)and RPG’s with my brother – I’m Mycroft Holmes and he’s Sherlock; alternatively, he’s Deadpool and I’m Bob =[


We’ve gone back to checking progress every hour. Total eclipse begins at 3:08. So far, it’s unlike the descriptions, (yellow/white instead of the described grey, but it did get a tinge of red) and my camera’s pretty disappointing

More in, like, forty minutes.

Update: 2:42
Seriously! When they said total eclipse, I didn’t think that meant by the clouds. D:

Update: 2:51
Anybody else having Sailor Moon flashbacks?

I am

It’s almost completely dark – if the cloud worked as well as they do in the outside world, we’d be sufficiently covered…..
(What no laughs for those puns?)

Also almost in total eclipse and I’m not seeing a red moon yet

Update: 3:10
It’s there, and red, but I can’t get the camera to focus on it. Also, cloud coverage. But I saw it, so really all that matters.

Now I’m off to bed. We have five months to the next one.


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