Christian Pride? Arrogance in the Church


In the Old Testament, the Jews were the chosen by God to be the people through which the Messiah would come. And several times in the OT, their pride in this status got them in trouble. Sure, God brought them out of trouble several times, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t punished, even though they were chosen for a purpose.

I’m not Jewish, but the same could apply for Christians under grace, post-New Testament. All people are loved by God, no matter our shortcomings, and rebellious and childish ways. Forgiveness, grace, and mercy, and salvation, are all afforded to us, once we go to Him and ask it of Him. Many will tell you otherwise, but that’s wrong, and they’re wrong for telling you that.

Why would they tell you that, don’t they read? Cuz, from what I’ve heard, and read, I’ve yet to meet some part in the book saying that God hates any human, and that these gifts are only for Christians. Sure, I’ve seen places where God tells you if you do wrong, consequences naturally follow. You could see where God is displeased with our actions as misguided people, and how we can go about righting these wrongs in His eyes (not necessarily in the eyes of men). But He loves us, who are His creation. He convicts our wayward heart, when we, naturally wicked children, do wrong. Like a good parent, who chastises a child when he does wrong. Because that parent cares. Would He do that if he didn’t care? Or if He wasn’t there?

But I’m digressing. This was supposed to be about the arrogance of Christians. Cuz, like the Jews we learned about in the OT, who were arrogant for their status as God’s chosen people, NT Christians (like us) tend to get arrogant about their status as His children.

Myself included.

Sure, His hand has been working on my life since before I was born, from getting into the school of choice for my topnotch primary education and my mother’s peace of mind for her children’s safety, to getting into my school of choice for secondary school education, to helping me through thesis year (ack!), to giving me an interest in language and translation; from the big things like my parents’ lives and wealth for their comfort in their upcoming latter years, to the tiny things like getting to see a TV episode that happened to cross my mind just randomly access to the internet and other resources for me to learn just about anything I could imagine. Like new languages. And crochet.


I always say it – I’m God’s baby girl, his pretty little princess. He’s spoiled me rotten and I’m not gonna give that up so easily. And I admit, I get pretty arrogant about it. But like I said – I’m spoiled.

Still, it seemed my heart was convicted. I could be proud of who I am in Him. I’m glad that I’m happy, healthy, safe, well-provided for, basically get everything I could ever want and everything I could ever need. Yet thinking this way could make one arrogant. It certainly makes me over-proud at times.

God has no problem with us being glad in Him and for what He gives us. He has no problem with us telling people about his goodness and what He’s done for us. But it helps if we are humble with it. Because, be they believer or not, people do not react well to Hubris and bragging.

Also – Mommy says it, and I’ve heard it said otherwise, too – if you are secure in your faith, and your position, and your belief in God, you have no need for Hubris, no need for pride. You will have a humble spirit. Naturally. Because you know you’re His. Why get belligerent, when God is on your slide?

I need help when it comes to that. But I’m willing to learn.

– K. ~


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