The death of Dana Seetahal – High profilers and Regular Joes in Society


So, since the murder of Dana Seetahal on Sunday, naturally, the country is all up in a frenzy. Which is understandable. She was a state prosecutor, working to put away the criminals that walk the streets of Trinidad and Tobago.

And, of course, whenever a high personality is killed, the country is spilt into two (which is funny because we’re two islands….) Well, in a more serious way – philosophically, morally, socially, whichever one, take your pick.

Some say that it’s only because she’s a high profiler that people care about someone apparently executed military-style. Others say that she did what she did for the good of her country, so quit brushing her efforts off as if she was nothing. Her death would affect the country more than the death of the piper down the road.

But the way I see it, it’s not just good high profilers that get killed. It’s not just drug addicts and pipers that die. High rollers can be corrupt and be killed for their actions, as Seetahal was. Regular people, low down in the social ladder, can die as well, in much the same way.

High rollers can leave a good or a bad mark on the society of the country. Regular people, the non-stush people can leave a good or a bad mark too.

But which ones do the country recognise when a person is executed?

It’s true that Dana Seetahal’s efforts did help the move toward a better Trinidad and Tobago. But it could also be true that Tantie Merle changed the lives of Susie and Boyo when she drove them to school everyday. Her efforts also helped the country. Susie and Boyo got a good education, which led to Susie becoming a teacher, and Boyo working as a lawyer.

But if the same thing happened to Merle, would we even know her name?

So it’s sad that Dana died, and it is true that the country will feel her loss, and it’s good that we’re looking into the case to resolve this vicious crime. But it’s also true that we need to recognise, and care and do more, to resolve the murders of the regular Joe. Their efforts are just as important as the efforts of the high profilers of the country to its betterment.

The same indignation we show to the higher ups in society, we need to show for those lower down in society. And we really don’t. So can you really blame the people for thinking that the only reason we care about the execution of a person is when they have social positions?

– K. ~


3 thoughts on “The death of Dana Seetahal – High profilers and Regular Joes in Society

  1. yes very true, the hard working regular people never get the credit for their brilliance,except if they hold a high political office or if someone stole the ideas from the person and takes the credit for it.

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