Here I am, a Man of the Cloth, who is Not supposed to Delve into, or At least Not supposed to become Too concerned with, politics or World affairs, and yet who regularly and assiduously writes on these subjects!

If You ask me, I would like to go on a LONG holiday, or at least just Sleep for a few DAYS! In 4 months and 2 days today, I have published 122 posts in WordPress, besides numerous writings on Facebook and Twitter. I had done something just like that earlier in Blogger. 66 Years old, a Heart Patient, Bone Tired, having Bad Habits like Watching Cricket upto Midnight, (The IPL is On!), getting up Regularly at 5 AM, and things like these would say that I should just Sit Back and Relax like any Sensible Retiree. Hate to write such things about myself. But let it be for just this…

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