Other Christians out there, I have a question for you – Do you feel a sense of urgency and a nearing of a Reckoning? Lemme try to put it in less apocalyptic terms…. Are more biblical themes and Words coming to your minds? Are they coming to you in normal, everyday situations? Are they seemingly a bit more persistent? Is Jesus’ second coming becoming more prevalent? Is it like God is pushing you and telling you Go! Get out and do something! not in a super – parental, teenager-needs-to-get-out-of-the-house sort of way. More like, I gave you a mission, quit slacking off.

Like, I can’t really explain why, or how, or if it’s really that, or if I’m just reading too much into the topics on my mind these days – which, as you can see of late does tend toward the biblical, even if the articles I’m coming up with seem small-minded and super-ignorant (I admit, I’m a nOOb at  this, spiritually speaking, very little EXP).

I mean, the fact that my articles include the biblical. Even last year, writing these would be a thought, and never acted on. Now look at me.

But as of late, it does seem more persistent. More urgent. Honestly, more like our Days are coming to a close. And it seems it’s not just me. I’ve only heard one or two stories from church, but it seems like everyone who’s recounted their experiences, the conclusion, whether as a veteran of the church and its teachings, or young impressionable Christians (like in my case), it’s gonna happen soon. Not to mention that both Christian radio stations we listen to feel the need, even in passing, to mention Jesus’ second coming and to get ourselves right with God. Even non-believers are picking up on it.

Has anybody else felt this way as of late?


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