Remember that old Blog you had when you were 12-18?

I forgot mine. Then found it today. Thank God, I deleted it today. Not because of anything bad in particular, it was actually quite innocent, considering I was 18 when I started it – most 18 year old girls in 2008 weren’t all that innocent, to say the least. Me, on the other hand, can be quite socially oblivious, which tends to translate as innocence. Or is it the other way around?…

Well, I did delete it because, 1) It had been like….6 years? since I actually visited the page, or paid it any attention, 2) because, it’s like looking at your younger sibling (who happens to be you) and go, “Oh, honey…” a lot, while trying to keep a straight face. I sigh so hard at the fact.

It’s not like the time me and a friend were looking at her old stuff and feeling like we were looking at the belongings of a dead person, days after her funeral. That was majorly creepy. And sad. And just out of body.

But before I deleted it, I admit it was good for me to read those 5 posts total. It makes you realise where you were six years ago, and recognise how far you’ve come since then, even in something as trivial and minor as your blogging style. It shows me that I have come a long way, and I’m not a different person, just an updated one (bad technology humor), a better one. Or at least a more developed one.

Now I’ve graduated from University, I’m inching into the working world, I’m trying my hand at business while acquiring skills for the workplace and at home. I’m actually getting back into religion, something I was so all over the place about, from denying it, to twisting it, to trying to see how it works, to finding examples of all of these. I’ve made friends, I’ve lost friends, I’ve realised the strength of other friendships.

I’ve come a long way since. Wonder where I’ll be in the next 6 years?


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