Israel’s Miracle

Did anyone read this article? It’s already 2 days old. But it seems that God is keeping his promises to Israel.

The Palestine-Israel conflict is something that I’ve tried to comment on, but for whatever reason, I’d utterly failed to get the words right, once I sat down to type.

For this whole thing though, I do know that among many of my age group, who aren’t apathetic about it, I am one of the few who actually are Pro-Israel. My fellow Israel supporters probably have better reasons than me to support them. Me, though, I support because I’m Christian, and because I know that God promised them his support and care and that he would make them a great nation- and he hasn’t failed in doing so yet.

I mean, it’s simple, and far from an intellectual argument, but really, since when does human understanding match or supersede God’s intentions?



An Unexpected Message

You know, video games aren’t usually the place where you find God’s influence over your spiritual life. Jun/Angel isn’t going to bring in Heavenly Hosts to fight Kazuya/Devil and drag him back to Hell. Devil May Cry doesn’t exactly reflect the battles between Heaven and Hell as described in the Bible. God of War… Well, let’s not even go there.

But surprisingly it was a video game that seemed to have a message for me. Everyone knows Bubble Witch Saga 2, right? The game where you try to pop the bubbles and clear the top/free the ghosts/free the cute little animals?

I’m currently stuck on a free the ghost level. And every time I shoot a bubble to free it, it always looks sad and scared. Naturally. Imagine being stuck in a tight circle with no room to move and no way to get out on your own. Every time I shoot one of the bubbles that make up that tight circle, it smiles for all of 1.5 seconds and then goes back to moping.

And I’m just like, Don’t you trust me to help you little ghost? Feel glad that I’m helping you and getting that much closer to getting you out.

Isn’t that just like us sometimes? We want God to help us, we want to get out of the troubles we’re in, but we don’t put faith in God and trust that sooner or later we will get out, we will be free from our troubles, through Him. A smile never graces our faces. How can it in these situations?

Or maybe, we do trust, and believe that God can help us, but we lose sight along the way when it’s not happening as soon as we think it should. We get happy and then mopey.

And God is probably there like, Focus! We’re getting somewhere! Come on! I’m -helping -you! Don’t you trust me?

Are we trusting God, or are we just saying it to placate – who, ourselves or God? Are we sincere or lying to ourselves?

That’s something to think about.

– K. ~

TIME Exclusive: Here Are Rules of Using Emoji You Didn’t Know You Were Following

Oooh! I was wondering when somebody would do this! I wasn’t gonna….. Hope this thesis got him his doctorate


There may not be anyone who knows more about emoticons than Tyler Schnoebelen, a man who literally wrote his Stanford doctorate thesis on the subject. He found, for instance, that older people tend to use emoticons with noses, such as [:-)], while younger people are more likely to drop the proboscis. He discovered that roughly 10% of all tweets contain an emoticon. And he observed that the phrase f*** you rarely appears with an emoticon, because those playful little symbols can trivialize feelings like totally hating someone’s guts.

Now an analyst at natural language processing firm Idibon, Schnoebelen has turned his attention to emoticons’ hip young cousins: emoji.

(MORE: The Emoji’s Strange Power)

Disclaimer: There is no instructional grammar primer on how one must use the little graphic symbols known as emoji. And if someone were to write such a work, it would likely be obsolete before…

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The Bright Side of Obligations

It’s an odd thing to think about something that we’re obliged to do (aka forced to do out of duty and promise to another person) as something positive. It’s a hassle to do most times, and more often than not, if we ignore that duty/sense of obligation, guilt doesn’t just step in – guilt waltzes in with a megaphone, blasting your conscience with the many ways in which you’re a flake/disappointment/ everything bad under the sun. Commit a murder? Still not as bad as flaking on your friend for her son’s birthday party without so much as a “So sorry!” for whatever reason.

Still, I think it’s a good thing. Especially if you make that promise to someone else. Because you can forgive yourself for being a flake. You really didn’t expect you to get up Tuesday morning  and go to the gym and suffer through another day for an hour and a half of torture (if you’re brave enough to make the extra half hour, that is.) It’s harder to forgive if someone else is involved, however indirectly.

And it’s true. Because the examples I’m giving are all from my personal experiences as a social and fitness flake.

I promised I’d go to the gym, if we take one of my brother’s friends along with us. That means that everyone, (the three of us in the house) have to get up and hit the gym because we are obliged to take this boy with us. And he has to get up early because he promised to go with us early, if it means he gets the option to swim after. And we four do these things because of obligations made to the parties on either end of the deal.

It gets us out of the house. It gets us all to be more social. It ensures a healthier lifestyle.

I guess these are the perks of having a gym partner.

I talked with my friend to crochet some things for her for when she starts back school come September. Telling her what I was making for her ensured that things will be done by the time she comes back for the next few weeks. My specific promises to her not only ensures that they will be done, but it also gives me practice in crocheting toys and accessories, something  I would have attempted but would have given up ages ago.

Much different to the promise I made to myself and not my goddaughter’s father to make something for her, and it’s just sitting there at the bottom of the bag. Godmother of the year, everyone. Maybe if I had promised them that I was making this thing specifically, I would have finished it. But as it is, I didn’t, and I’ve already forgiven myself for being such a flake.


Love, Hate, and John 3:16 – God, Christians, and the LGBTQ community.

So as we all know, June was/is Pride Month, and we all know that it will continue well into July and, with an extra push, August. And naturally, it’s a huge deal in major countries and it’s growing very quickly in Trinidad and Tobago. So, many people come out with many ways to show their support – going to marches, fetes, parties, plays, all sorts of major events. There are also many people who choose an artform to express their support – short stories, drawings, plays, monologues, whatever. Yesterday, I had the chance to hear a monologue, entitled Beatitudes. To be honest, because it was in a very loud Maxi Taxi, I couldn’t make out much of it, but what I did hear…

I was close to tears.

A while back, a friend of a friend of mine got stabbed and ended up in critical condition, all because he was an open gay. He knew his attackers, but not their intentions. Apparently, they gained his trust through Facebook or some other form of social media and arranged to meet. Then they did what they did.

And considering how Traditionally Spiritual and Religious Trinidad and Tobago is as a country, it’s easy to see how People immediately associated this attack as people acting in the name of God.

In this monologue, the author referenced this attack, although, it’s an example of what is done often enough.

They made reference to the Beatitudes and how they can apply more to the LGBTQ community than they are applied to the Christians that persecute them. Also ad-libbing a quote : Through the fires of Hell, I would consider it a Heaven, for it to be so far from a God who Hates as He does. 

That one nearly took me to the edge.

I’m not saying that I support their beliefs and actions, but I am saying that despite our differing beliefs, we cannot harbour any hate toward them. Jesus Christ, Our Lord, was friend to misfits, outcasts, the hated and ignored in society, despite what sins they committed. He came to save them, to show them their wrongs and to teach them the right way. God loves Us, his Creations, despite our wrongs. He wants us to come to him, willingly and ask for his forgiveness, and to come into a relationship with him, and be near him.

As Christians, we know the truth. We also have a duty to bring that to the World that does not know Him. As Christians, we should be Christ-like (using wisdom of course), and be a reflection of the God that we serve. As Christians, we know of, and know personally, God’s Love for us, as individuals, as a community. We know where God took us from, and we Trust that God will take us to where we have to be. Because we know God’s Love.

So why do we do things so hatefully in the name of a God that Loves Us as Sinful, Unholy, Evil Mankind?

The LGBTQ community, like the rest of the World, sees us in a particular light. They know us. They judge us. How do they see us? How do you want them to see us? How do they see God? How do we want them to see God?

This is a difficult topic for many Christians. It’s difficult for me, seeing as how I’m friends with people who are LBGTQ and LBGTQ sympathetic. We want them to see that God loves them despite their sins and wrong beliefs, and how. We want to show them why their belief is a sin. We want to show them how to get right with God, and how he can release them from their bonds and forget their sins, as he’s done for us. We should want to do this without Hate, or what can be interpreted as Hate.

As it is,  I will be asking for help from the Holy Spirit for Wisdom and Guidance and for Open Hearts and Minds on both sides, and Peace, when I’m talking about this to them. I can’t do this on my own, as these encounters generally pointed/points out.


John 3:16 – For God so Loves the World, that he gave his Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever, Believes in Him, Should not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life.

God so Loves – 3rd Person Sing Present Tense. Constant. Strongly. He will Love us, as he does and did before. The World – 1) Everyone. 2) Believers and Unbelievers alike. He gave – Sacrifice – Giving something of great value to a person. Usually associated with death. His Only Son – The sacrifice. Great value to God, given for the sake of an unholy wicked people.

God gave his Son for the sake of Jews and Gentiles, for all races, for men and women, for the drug addict, vagrant, homeless, alcoholic, prep student, government schooler, non -graduate, BA, Masters PhD holder, Hindu, Muslim,  religious, nonreligious, agnostic, Atheist, L, G, B, T , Q, whoever. For our sake, He gave the ultimate sacrifice. For love.  God hates the Sin, Not the Sinner. He wants you to know that, and understand that. He wants to get rid of that sin, as long as you’re willing to go to him trusting that he will do it.

Whosoever believes in Him –   If you come to Him, It shows belief. You trust in Him, you believe that he can forgive your Sins, and draw you closer to him.

Should not Perish but have Everlasting Life –  I’ve heard it said that Death is an eternity without God’s Presence. In Hell, there is no sign of God’s Presence. Without knowing God, we are bound to such an eternity. If we do know God, we can escape that, and live in God’s Presence. There is Life in God’s presence.