An Unexpected Message

You know, video games aren’t usually the place where you find God’s influence over your spiritual life. Jun/Angel isn’t going to bring in Heavenly Hosts to fight Kazuya/Devil and drag him back to Hell. Devil May Cry doesn’t exactly reflect the battles between Heaven and Hell as described in the Bible. God of War… Well, let’s not even go there.

But surprisingly it was a video game that seemed to have a message for me. Everyone knows Bubble Witch Saga 2, right? The game where you try to pop the bubbles and clear the top/free the ghosts/free the cute little animals?

I’m currently stuck on a free the ghost level. And every time I shoot a bubble to free it, it always looks sad and scared. Naturally. Imagine being stuck in a tight circle with no room to move and no way to get out on your own. Every time I shoot one of the bubbles that make up that tight circle, it smiles for all of 1.5 seconds and then goes back to moping.

And I’m just like, Don’t you trust me to help you little ghost? Feel glad that I’m helping you and getting that much closer to getting you out.

Isn’t that just like us sometimes? We want God to help us, we want to get out of the troubles we’re in, but we don’t put faith in God and trust that sooner or later we will get out, we will be free from our troubles, through Him. A smile never graces our faces. How can it in these situations?

Or maybe, we do trust, and believe that God can help us, but we lose sight along the way when it’s not happening as soon as we think it should. We get happy and then mopey.

And God is probably there like, Focus! We’re getting somewhere! Come on! I’m -helping -you! Don’t you trust me?

Are we trusting God, or are we just saying it to placate – who, ourselves or God? Are we sincere or lying to ourselves?

That’s something to think about.

– K. ~


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Message

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    • Honestly, this was just while I was playing the game at the time. But it got me thinking. I hadn’t been thinking at all about church or God or anything in particular. Which is why it was An Unexpected Message. The way the little Ghost was in the stage just sort of reminded me of how we tend to be at times, even those who are strong Christians. Sometimes life gets the best of us, and we lose sight of God, you know?

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