Israel’s Miracle

Did anyone read this article? It’s already 2 days old. But it seems that God is keeping his promises to Israel.

The Palestine-Israel conflict is something that I’ve tried to comment on, but for whatever reason, I’d utterly failed to get the words right, once I sat down to type.

For this whole thing though, I do know that among many of my age group, who aren’t apathetic about it, I am one of the few who actually are Pro-Israel. My fellow Israel supporters probably have better reasons than me to support them. Me, though, I support because I’m Christian, and because I know that God promised them his support and care and that he would make them a great nation- and he hasn’t failed in doing so yet.

I mean, it’s simple, and far from an intellectual argument, but really, since when does human understanding match or supersede God’s intentions?



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