Can life be simultaneously Busy and Stagnant? – Problems faced by the Youth in Christ

There are so many things that have happened, normal everyday things that have happened to me these past few weeks. Naturally, I could just take any one of these and run with it, giving an inspirational message concerning the great faith we have in Christ and  the problems we have, and how he delivers us, and all that. Usually I would. Or at least, I have done that in past posts. Somehow here though, that doesn’t really seem like the way to go with this one.

Obviously, as past posts would point out, I have been more involved in Church and church activities. We just finished two weeks of Vacation Bible School. I’m now playing a part in our church’s evangelism ministry, taking an evangelism class under the Evangelism Minister, and I’m gonna work with a group of youths, under the guide of the older people in the ministry.

And still, I don’t know. It gets to the point that  whenever I feel as if I’m moving ahead in my faith, something comes up and hampers it – sickness, bad scheduling – and I start to question if it even makes sense to do any more. Then (at some point) I think,  I’m 24, and unemployed, unlike other people my age (and younger) both in the faith and not. So it’s not that God favours believers and gives them a job immediately (*points at self*) And it’s not like people of the world have nothing to worry about because *vague explanation that I no longer hear* (*points at friend*)

I no longer feel connected to my friends, because of differences in our individual schedules. I  missed a very fun videogame lime with friends because I was sick, and because of bad scheduling. Double Whammy. I don’t feel as if I can effectively develop any relationship of any kind (old or new) with anyone, because of this. Yeah, sometimes, it gets stressful. I’m not lying.

On the other hand though, I’m actually quite happy for what I’m doing. Because of the classes, I’m coming to better understand  the bible and the verses that I would have otherwise just read and/or overlooked. I missed what would have been my first day out on the streets evangelising with the youths, save for the VBS aftermath cold. Still, I’d prayed for them to have guidance, and for the presence of the Holy Spirit. And they had a great experience, praying for those who asked, even getting cooperation from the CD and DVD vendors and chow venders on the street. Who knew?

Despite everything, I have to admit I am getting somewhere. I just want to know where.

I’m not the most patient person in the world. Is it wrong to ask God for a hint?…




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