ASL – Wicked’s I’m not that girl – +1EXP

So, like, I just spent (throwing out a number here) 3 hours glossing and practising my own American Sign Language interpretation/translation (which is it, then, when translation generally works for written things?) for Wicked’s I’m not that girl. I sort of feel proud doing it, after like a year or two of considering  and thinking about the  day I actually learn something about ASL, and using that knowledge for songs that I like. I’m still sort of shy about doing it in front of a camera or anybody, to be frank.


I mean, It’s like, more than achievement unlocked pride. It’s when you actually study something, for the sake of genuine gaining of knowledge, not because someone wants you to, or because it’s something you feel expected to do. You do it because you want to, and it pays off. And what you learn can benefit the community, (if you want to) or it can be used to amuse yourself ( if you want to)

I… am excited for this. I need to get a little braver to actually record myself doing it, and then sending it to/ performing it in front of people who actually know what they’re about when it comes to ASL, so I know my  knowledge isn’t equal to Google translate on a bad day.

But as I said. It’s something.

So +1 for me.


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