Amateur Signalong, anyone?

So, like, anyone who knows me, who’s seen me around anything remotely related (like, however remotely) knows I’m well into languages and learning them and learning about them. And back in 2010? 2011? Either year, but it was when we had that Advance Phonology project to do, and I chose, without missing a beat, to study Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language, and had decided to study the phonology of that language in more detail for our final year project.

Back to what I was  getting at. During my life at UWI, I got into signed languages, particularly the cultures of Deaf societies, as well as their languages. So far, this interest drove me to watch ASL music videos, by Stephen Torrence and others on YouTube, and recently, (this year)  Paul and Tina, and to learn ASL (last year, and by myself, so I’m probably horrible with grammar).  Still have to learn TTSL, but I’m a bit of a coward, and it’s literally a whole, new world that I’ll be getting into. Geez, I have to man up a bit. And the people I’ve communicated somehow with were all nice, and patient with me, too…

Now down to the point of this post.

As it is, I’ve spent that last couple weeks, trying to translate a couple songs that I like into ASL, so, you know, practice. I’ve done like 5, and confident about 1. Well, one and a half, if you count the reprise (Broadwayyyy) So…. progress?

It’ll take a while – to practice and to man up and film myself – but if I get some help with the language from people  fluent in ASL who are willing to help and correct me, we could join in on this multilingual trend. In exchange, if you agree, when I start learning TTSL properly, I’m offering to teach you! So whaddya say?




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