Update on what happened yesterday

So, I basically just went through my second break up ever, and it was less awkward, in carrying it out, but I guess it could be more awkward because it was with what could be considered a close friend? Yes, it’s the same one I was talking about. I changed, she didn’t, it was stressful to all involved, and it’s better for both of us. We agreed to that. I feel sort of guilty, but then again, I’m not sorry for being not sorry about my decision. And neither is she so….

At this point, I’m thankful to God for being able to strip that bare and ending it. It couldn’t help either of us; I wouldn’t grow spiritually if I’m constantly worrying and fighting and getting frustrated and frustrating everyone around me because of it, and I don’t think she would have gotten anything positive from that friendship either.

I’m still praying for her, though.

And y’all, pray for her too, and our situation, so that even after this end, it’ll be an easy transition to our next stages. That she would want to come to Christ somehow. I understand it’s her decision ultimately, and that we’ve ended, but still…

And pray for me too, that I am more understanding, am less pushy, can better forgive the wrongs done to me by others, and for wisdom for me to know when to stop and when to continue when evangelising or discussing anything about Christianity, and Jesus Christ, and that relationship we should have, and social issues and… Basically any and everything.

I dunno what else to say, so imma stop here.

Thank you so much.


– K. ~


One thought on “Update on what happened yesterday

  1. It’s difficult for Christians to have relationships with non-Christians. Even more so, when one is young. I dated a girl and became a Christian for her. It lasted a couple years until the relationship started going downhill. By the end I didn’t know what I believed because I did it for someone else, instead of myself.

    And now that I’ve got the time to explore it on my own, I feel much more comfortable. I would never consider myself a christian, a follower of jesus christ, or that I’m saved. I’m happy I’m not any of those things, because they are not metaphors I am willing to accept about the things I know. At the same time, I could say I am all of those things that I just said I wasn’t, because all you have to do is translate the metaphors.

    In that respect, I am quite a Levi-Straussian on myth. I think there are elements in each that transfer to a mystical experience, and based on the culture it is interpreted accordingly. Thus, the only objective truth is that people have these experiences, but not that any individual or group’s idea is more right than another.

    Any way. I’m sure she felt the pressure to become something she was not, so you’ve really got to watch that. Trying to live up to the standards of a Christian, when you’re not one and don’t like that lifestyle or culture, is near impossible. Trying to live up to anyone’s standards that just can’t jive with you will really kill ya.

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