Well, I’m back

And not much has changed.

Well some things have changed. For most of September I’ve been off of most popular social media sites. Even uninstalled them from my phone and tablet and was sorely tempted several times to reinstall. I managed for quite some time  on my own without them, although I did ultimately fail in the whole task, since it was supposed to be a fast. I honestly wasn’t doing that – just stayed away and found new vices in YouTube conspiracy videos about our favourite pop culture icons.

So switching one vice for another. Definitely not what I had in mind for the month.

Still, I did learn and relearn some things.

1) The majority of my very few Facebook notifications were spam notes from general and open groups. Nothing but spam on Twitter (which was expected, I only just joined and don’t really care to join people’s networks.) No new lettrs from people on the app. Basically nothing.

I could fall of the earth and it would ultimately not matter. So what are we really doing focusing on stuff like that.

So tying my own experience with that of Eliza Dooley in Selfie, (Pygmalion for the Millennial age, why didn’t I pick up on that sooner?)  Social media really has zero compassion or thought for you. We really shouldn’t be giving it that much power over us.

2) I ended my tech free month early – a decision that I made because I was weakened and seriously needed it back. Also, it warrant so much a fast now. After a week, I’d stopped praying, worshipping, meditative on God’s word. So why continue.  At least, that how I justified it. 

I set out to do that. To fast and focus on God rather than the random strangers/colleagues/people I’m no longer in contact with because Facebook and there is honestly nothing better to do. I started, but fell out of it. But when I did, while I did what I intended to do, it was great! No temptation, all focus on God, and strength and confidence that through him I’d get through this month. So I know from that brief experience, that it is possible. That fasting and praying are a force. God with you, what could overcome you?

And still, even though I really wanted to, like REALLY wanted to most times, whenever these sites that I have an account with were in front of me ready to be installed, I didn’t feel like it, even after if truly stopped fasting. I didn’t feel the need to be checking everything every minute.

So yeah I failed, but I learned first hand the truth of what I’ve been hearing forever now.

Also temptation is nothing to be scoffed at or dealt with on your own.

3) Giving up any sort of technology in this day and age is difficult. I’m sort of proud that I managed three weeks without Facebook.


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