The art of writing letters is getting a revamp!!!

You may see it as blatant product placement or some other sort of corporate kiss-ass move, while reading this article. That is not my intention. But I do want to give props to the developers of the lettrs app. The app has been around for a while, but I’ve only stumbled on it this past September. I’ve been using it and it’s great!

It’s a refreshing change to social media. It’s social indeed, but it takes it a step further, by regressing. It encourages its users to write letters to (leh’s be honest) strangers and develop meaningful friendships. It encourages key development of writing skills. It helps develop vocabulary skills. It allows for social development, the likes of which will have me rambling for hours.

And a simple letter brightens anyone’s day. You can’t deny that feeling of happiness knowing that someone considered you enough to write a letter asking about your day, or saying that you crossed their mind and hello, or even a letter of thanks for taking the time to read and show that they were impressed with your letter (Impressions=Likes).

The letter is vintage now. But it’s happily adapted into our technology-saturated society and is excitedly shaking it up!

And the lettr-staffers are also present and active in encouraging the use of their app, however, as long as the users write. How many social app developers do you know of who write to you personally, or add you to their networks, and actually show that they like your stuff, or even allow bits of their personality show? Most times we don’t even think of the developers as people. With lettrs you can. And thank them with personal lettrs too.

Plus for writers, the weekly topics are a fun challenge! (I won for education week! Woot! But that’s not why I wrote this. Seriously.)


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