Blood of Olympus – First Reactions


So the series is over, the prophecy of seven is completed and everyone is back and happy. More or less. Unless you read it before this, or don’t care much for spoilers, you may want to remedy that and read it, or ignore this, or decide to hell with it and plough on!

I’ve just finished reading it myself, last night. Would have been sooner, as my brother and I have proven on many an occasion , but chores and other lovely distractions.

Like many people, I enjoyed the little snippets that showed us more into the world of the Child of the Underworld and Bellona’s legacy. Rick really proved that Reyna’s name was well suited for her, seeing as as praetor, she really was a regal character. Also, I was a bit antsy about Nico since Percy and that whole Cupid fiasco.  No one should have to suffer like that. Hell I’m sure being locked away by Flashy and the Nutcracker was more favourable. And I loved seeing glimpses into Hedge’s sweet side. He was a father and a husband who truly cared for his family, and was thoughtful enough to leave a physical legacy for his kid, just in case. And Percy and  Annabeth freaking out about Percy being so happy to poison a Goddess in the last book. And seeing how nothing is forgotten in this conclusion.

But so many things were left hanging which makes me doubt that this should be the end. What about Will? And Apollo? And that whole lack of prophecy thing affecting both sides of the demigod world? And Jason the pontifex?

Still it could be argued that it was rightfully done so, leaving room for a future and happiness and identity for all involved, despite monsters and everything.

But one thing just makes me stop and question the world.

Leo’s end was way to nicely wrapped up.

(Granted I admitted i smiled ruefully thinking about Beckendorf and the fact that he died basically doing the same thing)

Honestly, I thought Leo should have stayed dead. As much as I was denying it, even as I knew it. As much as I clung to that hope that he had the astrolabe and could have found Ogygya again. As much as I didn’t want him to be unpaired and unhappy and dead.

It was too easy.

As Rick pointed out several times. Demigods never get it that easy. And here was Valdez getting it that easy.

It felt like Rick needed an end that wouldn’t traumatise his readers. But he sacrificed a good end by putting in that final chapter from Leo. That certainty from the Dead Kids and that little ray of hope for the other four. Then them coming to terms with the death of a brother. It’s something they would never get used to, but at least that way, everyone – Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood, the six, the readers- could have mourned together and moved on. Now we know the truth and they don’t. I feel like we’re conspiring to cheat them out of a friend.

This is just after a first reading. Maybe after the second, third, fourth time, I’ll see something I didn’t see before.

But seriously, come on!


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