Here’s a little bit more about me – where would we go on dates


Yes these questions are for  fictional people and for their development and whatever, but it’s actually pretty relevant to real people and their relationships with others. Whether it be family, friends, significant others, or their dogs. How well you know a person can be determined by the little things that don’t seem as important.

But at the same time it’s the big things too.

Where am I going with this?

For whatever reason, I’m suddenly thinking about relationships and those that I generally have with people. Haven’t yet narrowed it down to those relationships with potential boyfriends, potential fiancés, potential he’s-stuck-with-me-forever-and-doing-it-voluntarily-ohmuhgawd-wow! But I’m getting there. Why now, I dunno.

But considering the title of this blog, (and being aware this this isn’t necessarily the way I wanted this blog to go) let’s just run with it. I’m bound to find out some socially questionable event in my country for a later blog.

So assuming that the proposer is planning the date, the date will have more to do with what the proposer likes, to show the proposee a little bit about the proposer. Their likes, dislikes, interests, all that good stuff. I mean it helps if both have similar tastes, but sometimes, yeah not necessarily gonna know that off hand. So the proposee could use that chance to get to know the proposer a little better, and figure out the next move when it’s their turn.

So as the proposer, if I decided to up and take you anywhere, firstly, I don’t trust myself to drive, so you will have to meet me, and we’ll run from there.

It’s mostly gonna be lots of walking and talking, but books with be involved somehow. Whether conversations, shopping, forts, whatever I can’t think of now.

Movies for a classic. Doesn’t matter what we watch, it’s a conversation piece, so I’ll take advantage of it. Disclaimer, I talk in movies. I’ll make some lame joke, I’ll connect it to tumblr, good puns and bad puns may or may not make themselves known. Most people will hate me. Don’t you hate me too, but I’ll be nervous and/or excited. Which potentially makes it worse. Please ignore me while I talk myself into a hole and cower in shame.

I’ll try to make it interesting some days. Let’s take the bus far south/west/east/north/ wherever and see things, get lost and find our way back again.

To hell with it, hit the grocery, let’s buy some snacks and have an impromptu picnic.

Other days, coffee and conversations about nothing and nothing in particular would be best. Or conversations about everything. Or no conversations at all. But coffee is great.

How about the SPCA! We could volunteer for a day and take care of the animals!

Or we could meet, go to a grassy place, spread a blanket and lie down and stare at the sun.

At least once, you’ll have to come to church with me. It’s a significant part of me, so yes, come.

Peace and quiet, or Loud and spontaneous.

There may or may not be Rollerblades involved.


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