Christianity and My Personal Life

In terms of Christianity and the world in relation to my own life, I have to say – or, putting it nicely – that things are definitely getting more interesting.

January of 2015 is officially over, as is the first day of February. So many things are happening, half of which are work related and worrying. I try not to bring it home with me, and for the most part, it stays there. But there are done things that worry me – this is temporary; will I be able to find a permanent one after this? Can I afford to go back to school and do another degree or further the one I have? Will my work that’s been done while I’m here be counterproductive when I leave? Will I get a good recommendation from these people for the next time?

Then there is my social life. I’m still developing it, and while it’s going slower then people would like, it’s just the right speed for me. The only thing is, as I mentioned last time was that guy. There were problems already, but it seemed as if we solved them enough to consider each other more. Which is fine. Except for the planned wedding before the first date- in jest, as I keep having to remind myself.

Then there is my church life which is…. Still in development, although as expected in a church community there is trouble where there should be paradise. I mean, it’s not surprising since problems pop up in any community. But it’s getting to the point where I’m not sure where my ministry should be or who I can talk to. I love my church family, but sometimes it doesn’t feel as connected or supportive as we should be.

What do all of these have to do what Christianity? Much.

At this point, in a country where literally tens of thousands are coming away with a degree, the time spent studying at a level that could get you a decent level entry job Stateside or in Europe or anywhere else I imagine, it all equates to a high school or trade school diploma. Which gets you little or nothing.

Two years after getting my degree I was lucky or blessed to get a temporary job, for a few months, and the contract ends in two weeks. Which I don’t mind so much. But it does leave me looking for another one. Without the promises of God, what would I have? Worry, fear, depression, anxiety, frustration, and not to mention the effects that it would have on my family, since I’m not the easiest person to be around in these states.

With the promises of God, I know I have prosperity. No job is secure, but I will be provided for. My future would be provided for. A few weeks ago I applied for another job (permanent, this time) at the Costa Rican embassy. I was emailed, saying  if needed, I will be emailed further. Look it’s not much to go in, but it’s hope, it’s a step forward and encouraging for a step taken in faith.

This first embassy job was Hellish, but it was a useful experience and will take me further for the next job. I thank God for that.

Social life, with this dude, I will not lie, as much as I’m interested, I do need to pay about this. Catholic with Muslim influence meeting a bible believing Born-Again Pentecostal. Again there may not be any problems in terms of religion, and we may not get married, but if there is to be anything, we both should encourage each other in every aspect of each others lives. Including Faiths. So I’m gonna need to do that.

As for our church, Lord we need you now. And if this is a sign of times to come, I suppose so be it, but we need community and solidarity now more than ever. 

We, as Christians, need to pray for each other and the Church among everything else. Because now, I’m getting a little worried….


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