Vegetarian and/or Vegan diet for 2015

Okay so I’m not completely giving up the meat. I just love beef too much! So I have it once a week. Meat that is. Not just beef.  But even though I’m half meat-mouth, I do love me some veggies, so it’s not so bad. In fact, since work began, I’m getting into the habit of cooking lunches every day, Bento style. *gaijin-mode activated* (Ha! Not really. Not since secondary school anyway) But the bento style of making meals is really helpful for me. Having breakfast and lunch prepared in this way is a great way to have my meals perfectly portioned, and without the need to rummage and find snacks.

However! Since my contract ended, (a week ago) I’ve been home and my need to make food has been diminished, my eating habits have been… Not all that great altogether.

I really think I need to start this back. And properly.

So more Pinterest recipes. Well not necessarily Pinterest… Getting up early and preparing the meals. And can you, my readers and followers, hold me accountable? Like posting pics of the meals I make, or how about a page for my meals! Or something. Actually, listing it, I think that’s a good idea!

Now I’m excited about this.


14 thoughts on “Vegetarian and/or Vegan diet for 2015

  1. Hey-o! Vegan bento blogger here! And I don’t mind calling you out if I see you choosing less than healthy snacks. I mean oreos and Girl Scout Thin Mints(as of this year) are vegan as well as a lot of processed stuff, so I should cut back on the junk food as well. That said, something you could always do is make a snack bento for the day as well as bentos for meals. It’s kind of weird to eat out of a lunch box at home, but you made it when you were in the proper head-space and are eating it when you just want to shovel food into your tummy. At least that’s how it works for me. ^w^

    That said, as a vegan, I do kindly request that you refrain from calling yourself a vegetarian or a vegan if you’re, quite simply, not vegan or vegetarian. It’s how so many people seem to assume and try to serve us meat like fish. I think the term flexitarian might be more appropriate for you to be more accurate in your dietary choices. Not judging here, I didn’t go vegan overnight, myself, it just honestly helps when people use the proper labels. It’s kinda like how my sister has Celiac’s which is a gluten allergy and when restaurants label things gluten free despite being made right next to a loaf of bread with wheat. It has gluten in it now and can make her sick. Granted for veg-heads it’s not usually as life-or-death as that, but you get my drift. 🙂

    • Okay well, titles aside, ( and thanks for the classifications) I’ll take your suggestions to heart! And whatever I do make for the day, I will post it, healthy or not, since that’s the point. If it’s not healthy, then I should get ideas from you, the readers, on how to fix it.

      Okay, maybe, “Vegetarian” isn’t the title I should use, but I do want to focus on a more plant based diet, since the meats I prefer to eat aren’t exactly PCOS friendly. So if you have any tips, recipe-wise or otherwise, Is appreciate it =D

      • Pcos? And no problem! As for tips and ideas I tend to not be good thinking them up magically but if asked a question I tend to know the answer, if veganism related.
        So feel free to ask away! 🙂
        I look forward to your pics!

      • Woah. I mean I heard of a plant based diet helping with a lot of ails, but not that one.
        I know when I first went vegan and quit dairy, my chronic headaches went away- you couldn’t pay me enough to go back, even if I wasn’t an ethical vegan. I get headaches super rarely these days(It could have been a mild dairy allergy, it never upset my digestion as far as I know, but the headaches didn’t stop when I went vegetarian, only vegan afterwards). is a very good website for vegan recipes that are healthy, but as you can see on my page, I don’t really follow recipes. I don’t have that sort of time, usually.
        I think it would be cool if you also update how your body was doing(or even if you logged it privately) so you have a more honest breakdown of how your body acts in reaction to any dietary changes to try to heal. It could help you learn what foods will, pardon my french, fuck you up, and that you should avoid at all costs, and which ones won’t hurt you all that much and might be worth having as a treat occasionally. 🙂

      • I’m thinking maybe I should. So far I’ve had one cycle, and our was severe, but honestly through the pain and the waddling around with a heavy flow, I was happy about it. Didn’t have one for February though, and honestly, I’m not surprised. I’ve not exactly stuck to the diet I had for January. In trying but…. Yeah….

      • *hugs* That sucks. I used to get absolutely dreadful period pains but they went away when I got on the pill. I stopped a few months later and it’s been a couple of years and the pain I get from it is very mild, still to this day.
        That said, I think I’ve heard of the pill as a treatment for it, but I could be totally wrong and thinking of something else. Even so, I can understand the reluctance to go on medication, especially if it’s easily treatable through diet.

      • Yeah it does for some people. I was on it for a while. Got me horribly nauseous. Before that I never had cramps though, so that was different. I was on other treatments too, some alternative medication, but that more often than not got me almost drunk ._. So far, I think diet could help without major negative effects.

        I’ll take your advice and make note about what I eat and how it affects me.

      • Here’s to hoping! =D also question. Avocados. I dunno what it is about them – texture? Taste? – but it makes me nauseous. Problem is, I need the healthy fats and goodness it offers. Any tips on preparation?

      • Oh man, those are like the one vegan food I hate. All I can say is mix a little bit so it’s not enough to taste in a whole lot of different things, like smoothies, salsa, etc. I have tried very often to get myself to eat avocado but I just can’t get into it, so I don’t eat it. I opt for the healthy fats found in nuts and seeds like cashews, chia and flax.

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