Two Baked Oatmeal Recipes

I figured that usually breakfast is ignored whenever we have to leave the house, and then we end up buying food (unhealthy for bodies and our wallets)  or starving until lunch. It’s not great.

Also I was bored so….

But it did eliminate the need to make breakfast for the rest of the week.

I made this baked oatmeal and this one. Two because my brother doesn’t eat banana and the first one had in it, and the second one didn’t  need as much oats for it. Also it was bars. The first was cups. Both make it easy to carry for breakfast, and to pack for lunch or snacks.

Like the roast tomato soup recipe, I didn’t follow it to the T. 

For the bars (the second recipe) I doubled the raisins, I used Silk unsweetened vanilla flavoured almond milk, and replaced the butter with oil (didn’t want to deal with the stress of thawing butter when I needed it now). Lacked walnuts so I used cashews. Everything else was basically the same.

For the cups, I followed it as much as I dared, but truth be told I essentially came up with my own recipe. I used Silk unsweetened vanilla flavoured almond milk, so I forewent the vanilla called for in the recipe. Instead of the Stevia and sugar, I replaced them both with 1/2 cup agave syrup. No applesauce, so I mashed bananas and used that. Everything else was the same as the first recipe.

Two bars or two cups of these is actually pretty filling.



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