Snack Bento and Haldi Milk

So no new meal or new cooking done today.  Mommy’s making Dhal and Rice, Smoked herring, and Chorai Bhagi. (I guess that would be Kale or something? Some form of Spinach at least) Not typical for bento, but it is a typical lunch in Trinidad. Dunno about Tobago. It’s pretty balanced though.

Instead I made a snack bento.

One of my baked oatmeal cups, a vegetarian cheese ball, four Crix crackers, and half a carrot chunked up. Also added some sunflower seeds and macadamia nuts. Easy, quick and done in like… Five minutes?

Still, I wanna put up a recipe too. The hardi (haldi) tea is pretty easy, and great when you have fresh ingredients. Dunno how effective it is when you make it with powered tumeric (hardi/haldi) and powdered ginger.

We also add clove and cinnamon to it to give it a sweeter taste. Personally, I don’t mind it with or without cinnamon and clove, but with is the preferred method for the majority home here.

This is also supposed to be a milk tea, so after you boil the tumeric, ginger, clove and cinnamon, (it doesn’t take long) you pour it into a cup halfway and fill the rest with milk. It’s sweet enough so you don’t need sugar.

For powered tumeric and powdered ginger, I imagine a tablespoon of each would be enough. If you’re using the roots themselves, grate them, and boil with the clove and cinnamon. You can strain it if you want.

Quick, easy, healthy, and a nice way to get me to drink milk. (Still not gonna be dairy milk though, bluh)


Snack bento without the haldi tea


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