Rantings at 5 in the morning.

Many things are running through my mind. Most insistent is the fact that if I hear my phone alarm while it rings like an annoying bell and vibrates, while it actually doesn’t because I took it off and didn’t put it on snooze, I’ll go crazy.

Second is that today I have to go into and past the heart of the capital city to collect my final check. Which in itself isn’t bad, but I really, really could do without that stress. On a normal day one spends on hour from central to north if one works on the East-West corridor, and more if you’re from south. It’s a living though so…

Flintstones reference!

Now though, I’m   thinking food. For the past couple days we’ve bought food. Which tends to be meat filled and unhealthy and not usually fit for a plant based diet if that’s your goal. Even yesterday that happened despite meals being prepared home.

On the way down from home to drop food for Daddy, we get a call from my brother saying that there’s a problem with the water supply and they’re sending everyone home. Five minutes from the school, news reports kerosene in the water (like, whaaaat) It happened. Central and north Trinidad affected apparently.

My brother isn’t going to school today.

So weird happenings and possible sabotaging aside, ( blog for later if I hear anything more) We didn’t get to eat at home, it was lunchtime and we bought food. I honestly tried to keep it vege, or at least, not full of pork or beef or chicken. But I had tofu last time we were at the restaurant, so I decided on Jasmine rice, and sweet and sour fish. Yah, not the best of choices I know. Took some chunky veg with it too.

It wasn’t bad. In terms of taste. Not sure about its place in my diet.

So we have leftovers from yesterday. I still have baked oatmeal. I think I can survive off that today, right?

– Kaye~


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