Tamagoyaki and…. Okonomiyaki?


Okay this is the second time I’m trying okonomiyaki. Honestly I don’t think I got the texture right. It’ll take more practice to get it right. For this I used this recipe for the water, flour and egg measurements. I’m not eating anything else in the recipe. Except the cabbage, but that’s expected. Mommy had a salad prepared so I used that as filling.

For the sauce I tossed in pepper sauce, cumin (geera), Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce. No ketchup,

The batter makes two to three depending on the size of the spoon used to dole out the batter, and the thickness of the batter I suppose. Again I just really need practice. And okonomiyaki flour. I used all-purpose white. Also put 1 1/2 TBS chia and flax seeds.

The tamagoyaki was easier. Made a spicy one. Two eggs and used chadon beni chutney (French pronunciation . Also would be coriander. I think)  that was easier to make.

Maybe I’ll show y’all how to make the chutney!!!!

Next time. But it’s a good way to open your appetite, especially when you’re sick and can’t taste anything. Coriander’s supposed to be good for that.

– Kaye~


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