Veggie Patty! -Sacrilege!

I made this edible, almost passable, sacrilegious veggie burger patty and it is delish!

It’s pretty sick  that I’m basically going against everything I’ve been taught by my father about the wonder that is meat.  I’m proud of myself for deciding to do what I do, even if it doesn’t necessarily help me healthwise (although, honestly, I’m praying to God, that this helps. Not an exaggeration either, I’m serious here.)

I live in a house that’s more readily stocked with meat and meat-containing products and it is more likely to find containers of meat, already seasoned and ready to cook  that it is to find…. just about anything.

That’s our house – meat and books. Books and meat. It’s great.

So when my father heard I was making burger patties and then realizing that I was going against the good that is the Meat Burger – his face lit up and fell faster than getting a revive in a game only to be burned to death by Sephiroth because of course his attacks take up the damn area. (I really miss Kingdom Hearts)

But the burger patty mixture was alright. I ate three today. :3

Of course I tweaked the recipe. I honestly tried to follow this recipe. I did. But then I lacked parsley. And three eggs seemed like a lot. And I really wanted it to taste at least a little bit like Daddy’s beef burgers, because I can’t stress enough how much I love it. But red meat is bad when you have PCOS, so not gonna have alot of that. :/

I ditched the salsa. I really just wanted the patties. That’s it.

1 1/2 cups water -used
1/2 cup dried lentils -used
Cooking spray -Sub with olive oil
1 cup chopped onion $  -used 
1/4 cup grated carrot $ -used 
2 teaspoons minced garlic – grated.
2 tablespoons tomato paste $ – pureed like four whole tomatoes
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin – tossed that baby in sans care (there was care – but it really was kinda plenty)
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano -fresh, two sprigs
1/2 teaspoon chili powder – lacked
3/4 teaspoon salt, divided – no average or measuring
3/4 cup cooked pearl barley  -used
1/2 cup panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) -Sub with whole grain crackers rolled out
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley – lacked, ignored
1/2 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper- tossed that baby in sans care
2 large egg whites $ – nope
1 large egg $ – used
Also some Worcershire sauce, Chief lime hot sauce, and Oyster sauce. And veggie stock that i made for something or other to cook the barley after it was boiled in the water.
That’s all I used. Everything was prepared and cooked today, cuz no leftover barley!
Need to tweak this again or try other veggie burger recipes, but for a first, it didn’t come out too bad.

Gym? There are no emojis to express my hatred…

Found some: 😓😵😦😰💀

Still, I will be finding myself doing gym things, and water aerobics probably, this week. Ugh.

Upside to this, I have bentos to make for lunch and breakfast.

For lunch I made four flour tortillas, one for each of us cuz it’ll be a crew most likely, green salad and hummus, with hardi milk tea. Because  I like that. And water too. Yup. •_•

For breakfast, I think I’ll drink a  glass of hardi tea, and we have leftover salmon, so that and crix biscuits. For snacks, I have cereal, trail mix and sunflower seeds in a baggie.


Question: Should I eat before the gym workout or wait till after?

– Kaye~

‘Nother food post! – two for one special

Yeah, so it’s been a while. Mainly cuz I haven’t been making anything, or really, eating anything. I’ve been mostly snacking on cereal for the past week.

Yesterday though, since my parents took the day, and my brother decided to stay home, we did a spin on our typical home alone food routine.

Forty minutes total walking to and from the grocery for a ramen run where we binge on different instant ramen bricks and cups.

But yesterday we were too lazy to be bothered, and in as much as I really wanted ramen even under my ban, I decided to make my own, instead of just talking about doing it.

It’s pretty easy and a single serving of this could go far. We made it twice, which was our mistake. Unlike the instant noodles, these are extremely filling. Seriously. One serving is good for two people, maybe three. The second time I doubled the recipe. That was a mistake.

Again, I tweaked the recipe.

They suggest a mix of high gluten and low gluten flours, but they also said all purpose could be used. So I did. The rest, there was no need to substitute.

I have to learn how to cut it thinner though, cuz it came out looking like fettuccine.

The soup: instead of just boiling the noodles prior to making it, I prepared a stock with oregano, thyme, mint, (from mommy’s garden) red pepper flakes, maybe a 1/2 tsp oyster sauce and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Nothing else was really added to it, although my brother put Vienna sausages in his own when it was done. Must boil as the recipe calls et voilà! Homemade ramen.

Today I went to school to sort out what we can expect for the new semester. Opposite the school, ( obliquely?) there is this gourmet bakery that caters to gluten free diets. Everything is made on site, and it’s pretty good.

Hella expensive though. Over $100 TT for hummus, two scones and a loaf of multi grain bread. (Exchange rate is 6.35TTD to 1.00 USD) But I  suppose it was worth it. (Bread alone was $60)

While I was in school doing my business, parents went to the upmarket (once a month, local fare on sale. It’s awesome ) Of course Mommy went straight for trinkets while Daddy went for food. We have pepper chow. It’s five kinds of pepper  and all kinds of hot. Love it.

And that was lunch. Hummus, bread, pepper chow, tuna and tomatoes, salad. Healthy, filling, very low gluten, protein, carbs, fats, fibre. What else does that meal offer? We get it.

Good thing about this is that now that I know everyone will eat it, I can actually try my hand at hummus so we don’t have to spend money on something that’s easy enough to prepare home.

– Kaye~

10 piece French wardrobe


This is something that’s been going around for years. And it’s easy to see why. This concept leads ladies to have a simple uncluttered closet which can then be mixed and matched for what, 24? outfits that would be appropriate for any situation.

I’m thinking about adopting this for myself. That way I’ll have for work, for church, for Friday nights or Friday-night-like days. Chances are, I’ll probably go for a thirty piece war wardrobe, although that seems like excess.

Still it’s a nice idea, I think.

Problem is, I’m not to keen on clothes shopping, and while I’m slowly inching towards it, I’m still not too sure about what would be best for me.

So, readers, I’d like advice.

Let’s work with the following:
* I live in the tropics, so while the buildings have AC, the commute won’t necessarily be so cool.
* I’ll be working so I want pieces for that
* I also have church to go to.
* I’m not one for going out for going out sake, but I wanna look good doing it.
* I’m short and chubby, but working toward losing the weight.

– Kaye~

A day well spent

Today I’ve been home by myself, and it’s great. I’ve finished a slouch hat for my sister’s birthday this month (maybe I’ll add a motif to it? Her birthday isn’t till the 19th). 


I cleaned my room, reorganised stuff and I’m waiting to put together that computer set, so I have something more than just mobile devices. I say waiting, since I can’t find power cords for the old CPU…

I washed two weeks worth of clothes, but I have all my work clothes to wash as well. As I get one bit done, I have more to get done. But that’s chores.

For food though, I admit I’m not doing bento, but I took managed to stick to the food I’m supposed to. I think.

Breakfast was leftovers – ricotta and spinach pie.

A salmon patty, and some salad for lunch.

And I have salad and cereal for snacks!

Yeah I think today was well spent.

Although…. Maybe I should get out of the house more.

– Kaye~

Little question that I don’t have the answer to

Yes I’m in church now. Yes I’m blatantly not listening to the sermon this morning. Although my question does have to do with the sermon. It’s about Judas Iscariot and his role in His betrayal of Jesus Christ.

In Zechariah’s prophecy, it was prophesied that the Messiah was to be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. According to Pastor, he was there one, known by Christ, to betray Him. He was called to be an apostle, to be treasurer, and to fully function in his ministry toward the kingdom of God. But whatever was in his heart was not sincere, and was far from working to that goal. Which led to betrayal and suicide.

Judas was hellbound, for his betrayal, which was planned between the authorities of the Jewish community and him. Which was, as you recall, prophesied.

So did God create a person who’s entire life was prophesied to lead to Hell?

If I could think about this question, what about someone who is not a Christian?

Who could help me with the answer to this question? Because I know people who would latch on to this, and I have no idea how to answer.

And since I know this is going on tumblr, I’m also prepared for that onslaught as well.

– Kaye~