10 piece French wardrobe


This is something that’s been going around for years. And it’s easy to see why. This concept leads ladies to have a simple uncluttered closet which can then be mixed and matched for what, 24? outfits that would be appropriate for any situation.

I’m thinking about adopting this for myself. That way I’ll have for work, for church, for Friday nights or Friday-night-like days. Chances are, I’ll probably go for a thirty piece war wardrobe, although that seems like excess.

Still it’s a nice idea, I think.

Problem is, I’m not to keen on clothes shopping, and while I’m slowly inching towards it, I’m still not too sure about what would be best for me.

So, readers, I’d like advice.

Let’s work with the following:
* I live in the tropics, so while the buildings have AC, the commute won’t necessarily be so cool.
* I’ll be working so I want pieces for that
* I also have church to go to.
* I’m not one for going out for going out sake, but I wanna look good doing it.
* I’m short and chubby, but working toward losing the weight.

– Kaye~


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