A day well spent

Today I’ve been home by myself, and it’s great. I’ve finished a slouch hat for my sister’s birthday this month (maybe I’ll add a motif to it? Her birthday isn’t till the 19th). 


I cleaned my room, reorganised stuff and I’m waiting to put together that computer set, so I have something more than just mobile devices. I say waiting, since I can’t find power cords for the old CPU…

I washed two weeks worth of clothes, but I have all my work clothes to wash as well. As I get one bit done, I have more to get done. But that’s chores.

For food though, I admit I’m not doing bento, but I took managed to stick to the food I’m supposed to. I think.

Breakfast was leftovers – ricotta and spinach pie.

A salmon patty, and some salad for lunch.

And I have salad and cereal for snacks!

Yeah I think today was well spent.

Although…. Maybe I should get out of the house more.

– Kaye~


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