Gym? There are no emojis to express my hatred…

Found some: 😓😵😦😰💀

Still, I will be finding myself doing gym things, and water aerobics probably, this week. Ugh.

Upside to this, I have bentos to make for lunch and breakfast.

For lunch I made four flour tortillas, one for each of us cuz it’ll be a crew most likely, green salad and hummus, with hardi milk tea. Because  I like that. And water too. Yup. •_•

For breakfast, I think I’ll drink a  glass of hardi tea, and we have leftover salmon, so that and crix biscuits. For snacks, I have cereal, trail mix and sunflower seeds in a baggie.


Question: Should I eat before the gym workout or wait till after?

– Kaye~


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