Sweet and sour tofu… And veggies?

I dunno what I’m eating with my sweet and sour tofu that I have marinating in this homemade sauce but I can trust that it will be something! *superhero pose of victory!!!* Most likely veggies. Or nothing at all. Either way, I have salad  to make. But I’m procrastinating to blog instead.

So, recipe for the sauce is above, it’s sweet and sour, and I tweaked and added things not called for – like the rest of the marinade made for the fried tofu patty-esque pieces that I did and didn’t mention. [As an aside, I really don’t remember what was in that one.]

I can’t remember the difference between corn starch and corn flour, if they can be used interchangeably as substitutes for each other, or what, but the pack said corn flour, and I used it. =[

Since I added that extra sauce, I eyeballed the amount used. The extra corn flour I added to the simmering pot after the other sauce lumped up, which was something I should have remembered would happen, but it doesn’t seem too bad.

I used teriyaki sauce instead of soy and halved the amount called for. And I switched out white sugar for brown, and used less.

Used about half of the finished product to marinate the tofu pieces and the rest is in a glad bag for freezing for later use.

I’m gonna have to find containers to transfer the food from my lunch container if I’m leaving the house tomorrow. Haven’t decided yet, but better to be prepared than not.


So, I leave you now, to bemoan and/ or ignore the responsibility I have of cleaning up my stuff.

– Kaye~


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