Today, June 26th, 2015, marks a historic day.

Feeling like I’m gonna Leroy Jenkins this whole issue.

26-06-15 will be presented and remembered for being the day the United States of America became the 21st nation to legalise gay marriage. Also, cisgender is a recognised word in the dictionary, so there’s that.

Where am I going with this? Why am I writing this? I, like, have friends and acquaintances who are either for it, against it, or neutral to the point of it literally doesn’t affect their lives in any major way. Oh they made hover boards? Cool. That chick could marry her girlfriend? Cool. What’s on TV?

And how do I feel about this? Well, to be honest, I…. Don’t quite know? Am I feeling anything past the question of feeling anything? Should I be? How should I feel? For that matter, how should I feel for my friends who identify with the community? Is it bad that I know I’m not all that happy about it? Should I feel guilty? Should I make my stance known? Could I? Would I?

I’ve hardly ever, if ever at all, been vocal about my stances on different issues. Especially as to how they affect people close to me, or the people I interact with. But they remained constant. They may not been popular, these stances, but they are real, concerned, and constant.

Except this.

Especially because these are people that I’ve known for forever now. Or new people I like. And care about, knowing full well that my stance can destroy full relationships that are old enough to buy beer in every country now, in crucial cases.

What even is my stance?

As a Christian, grown up in church, surrounded and taught right and wrong as explained in the bible, and experienced in my own life, I know my stances are based in knowledge gained through 3rd person and 1st person interaction, and will be consistent with what I learned from little. 

But this is new territory. The “homosexually lifestyle (?)” had been around in many cultures in many times and will be, so there. But it’s only just recently – a drop in the bucket of time – been exposed, discussed, brought to light as something to be addressed and recognised, and accepted.

I cannot consider myself to be a supporter of this. I attended no rallies. I boycotted no anti-LGBTQ+ groups. I boycotted no religious rallies or groups. I’m cool with members of my church and have been known to lime with them outside the churchyard as scandalous as that may be.  I’m friends with members of the community, but I see no sexualities. Granted there was some shock in a few cases, but I focused on our interests otherwise. I still don’t get Homestuck. These are the same people I liked before, so why should I let my own stance get in the way?


And yet.

There’s always a but.

But I cannot see this and not feel uncomfortable. I cannot see someone say something anti-Christian, for theirbeing “anti-LGBTQ+”, and then being just as intolerant as they see Christ. At least, I couldn’t before. (That ruined a friendship. I think about her a lot though. She wasn’t any way insignificant. Still, I stand by my choice. It wasn’t healthy.) Now I just bite my tongue and leave it. I keep it and obsess about it. I’m not saying Christians are perfect. We backbite, lie, and generally act as disgusting as everyone else. We’re human too, in case it wasn’t clear.

Now with this post, I wanna say something. Something mega-important.

The hashtag for the day is any variation of #LOVEWINS

That’s the thing.

That’s the thing that I see people focusing on. And I know there are Pro- LGBTQers who will say, or are saying, that Love wins despite stances taken against, under which Christian doctrine on the issue falls.

Thing is, Christianity doesn’t hate the people. The act, maybe. The view that people are born that way, maybe. The perceived fluidity of sexualities, maybe. But to say that Christianity hates people who are not Christians is wrong. Christianity is love for people. And no one needs that love more than the people who reach out for it. Or should, anyway.

I admit that most people now don’t know how to show it and fail, and strengthen this perception of Christian (x)-phobic hatred. I’m fully aware that we need to better address that love for people other than our own without sounding like we’re encouraging anything that isn’t Gospel, which I have to say this decision isn’t. I’m fully aware that I’m counted in this need too. I may not have done so effectively or correctly in the past, but I wanna try it.

I just have to remember free will, free thinking, free decision making. Least I could do is put it out there. And keep putting it out. People are capable of decision making. They can do what they will with the information. But I take spreading it as my responsibility.

– Kaye~


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