How does the Myers-Briggs test type you?


The idea is that each person falls into one of these types, according to your personalities. And it’s a great way, I suppose, to better understand yourself, and others around you, as well as to find other people similar to your type and just click. So you can click in this new clique. And be happy, because with this new clique, it just clicked!

But how easy is it for us to mistype people? How easy is it to mistype ourselves? Like, I’ve always considered myself an introvert, who is quite happy being alone, and how easy it is just to stay at home, doing nothing but enjoying my own company. Then I get to be in my own head and it all falls down. I’ve never considered myself an extrovert, but put me in a room full of new people, have them talk about something or other, and you can be sure I’ll put my two cents in, or ask questions because as unaware as I seem, if I hear something interesting, I’ll want in. Whether i know you before this, or intend to know you after this. We could have a two hour talk, and I may not even think to ask your name. Which happens. A lot.  Or, I’ll find myself being compelled to talk, not necessarily out of social pressure, but because, quite frankly, I’m Bored of what I have, and your presence is slightly more interesting. And it’s a plus, if you’re an older person, or experienced in whatever I wanna learn about.

I’m not strictly introverted, nor am I necessarily closer to the extroverted side of the spectrum. And for the other characteristics listed, everything falls under different circumstances and moods. I’m INTP today, next week, the same test  will type me ISFJ. Or some other combination.  I admit I may cheat a little to avoid extroverted outcomes.

My brother asked me what type I think Dave of boyinaband fame is. I typed him wrong. He asked me what type theRPGminx is. Typed wrong. Don’t ask me my answers, I don’t remember.

Ask me what type I think I am. A month ago, I would have typed myself wrong. Today I can give you a solid I don’t know. With a side of I don’t necessarily care.

– Kaye~


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