I want more than a wedding.

As much as planning a pretend wedding is and finding new ways to use my newly acquired and developing DIY skills to make that day quirky and unique and perfectly recognisable, pretend wedding planning brings up IRL qualities and desires for the other half of us.

What do I want in You?

First, I think I would prefer you before my 30’s, although after could be just as fun, if circumstantially different. A wedding is a wedding. Nothing dictates a specific time to get married.

I want to geek out with you, in spite of you, and laugh with  you as you do the same. I want to get into your interests, whether I like them or not, because they’re so perfectly you and you would be so fascinating.

I want to have intellectual conversations about the most Mundane things in the world. Correct me when I’m wrong. Teach me things I’ve never considered before. In the same way, be willing to learn from me. I want you to learn with me.

I want to build with you. A home. A family. A life. I want to support you in stress. I want you to make me laugh with I’m fed up, calm me down when I’m riled up.

I want a partner in crime, I’ll be the Bonnie to your Clyde.

I want to tell you to stop being a fucktwad and shut up and take the compliment I’ll be giving you after seeing what we built together – something I’d never have built without you.

I want to see spiritual growth with you. I want to pray with you, and for you and our family that we grow together and stay together under God and with His blessing. I want to see Him in you, knowing that I have a man after God’s own heart. Be my leader, the priest in the home. Let’s lead our family to Christ together.

Our marriage should be like the Songs of Solomon, brought to life. I want to fall in love with you every day. I want to see your flaws and want you anyway.

Our love should be both embarrassing to our children, and a standard to strive for in their own lives. Those brats should be so jealous of us.

I want to be your girl. I want to be your woman. I want my boy. I want my man. I want to be ridiculous with you. I want to weather the serious storms. 

When we fight, I want to care for you to the point that it hurts. Please want the same for me. Please want the same for our children.

After the fight, and the storm dies down, I want to collapse with you.  Strengthen our bond. Build it back. I’m not the easiest. I admit that. We’ll get back to where we were and further. Just bear with me.

I wanna be creative together and apart. I want our space to show us off equally and as complementary. I want to cook for you, clean and maintain. I wanna cook beside you. New things, old things, forging ahead together with different pasts.

Let’s be Ellie and Carl. Let’s plot our own adventures.

Our life would be imperfectly perfect and I want to treasure it forever.

The wedding is fun, but I want so much more with You.

– Kaye~


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