Dear, Princess Celestia


Yes, dear readers,I, a big grown woman, do willingly admit, that I still watch Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

But as ridiculous as I find the show sometimes,  it still rings true to me. Twilight Sparkle is my Power Pony, not only because we love books, reading, and collecting books, while trying to convince our friends to have a book club. ( Although, I may have more luck than her, to be honest.) No, before the main protagonist left Canterlot, she wasn’t a good friend, and shunned the idea of the importance of Friendship. It’s the premise for the whole series. She, with the help of 5 other Ponies from Ponyville, learn and teach the values of Friendship across Equestria.

Here’s where I’ll try to leave Equestria behind.

My friends are important to me. I have friendships lasting up to 22 years come this September. And the people that have seen me through 12 to 22 years of schooling plus whatever we did outside of the classroom, including picnics and tea parties- they are dear to me.

Unfortunately, I’m not the best, or most reliable. I’m known for flaking on social events. Even, sadly, those I’ve planned.

But I’m more than grateful for friends who understand my annoying behaviour, and are willing to forgive me for my flaws. Honestly, I’d be way worse off without my girls.

Which is why I’m so up in arms to cheer up my boys as after they lost a friend this week. I knew the girl who died, and while I wasn’t as close to her as they were, their loss of a good friend is something I know I’d  never want to go through alone.

Still, they do have a strong support system. I know their friend group. They have reliable people. Even if they don’t need me, I’m happy they have each other.

The most I could do is be available. I may not always be included, but I can at least offer to be there.

– Kaye~


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