I found my gift, Melissa! I also used it! I don’t usually do that with stationery gifted to me!


Y’all, finding this notebook and cracking it open was probably one the best reminders for me. With all the stress and drama that’s been going on for forever now, I almost forgot why people should not shy away from volunteering for VBS. Personally, 2010 was a hard year for me. For that matter, it was the start of a hard period for the family. And I remember going in blatantly, purposefully trying my best not to break down because I never wanted anyone, especially the visiting team that year to see, seeing as they were our guests. But I worked. Mostly forgot about myself. Went home. Stressed over things that were not under my control.

Anyone who knows me knows I love stationery. So I appreciated this. And this message made me cry. Looking back at it, this makes me cry all over again.

Today, it serves as a reminder of my duty, and also, for the relief and gratitude of having gone through all of that and coming out on the other side.

– Kaye~


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