Recipes and lifestyle changes – Recipe for Recipe?

It’s been a while since I did a food/ recipe related post. it’s been age, and I’m feeling the loss. With my mother and brother deciding that they’re going on two different (but really, they’re really similar) diets, and my father adamant that Meat of any kind must be present at every meal, and me with my PCOS, that’s caused a million arguments before and after diagnosis, and my sister, just wanting food, (whew!) really, I’m a little disappointed in myself that I haven’t been posting anything.

I did make a batch of eggless oat cookies, and they taste really good, and no one but me knew they’re eggless. I find strange enjoyment in sneaking new food ideas to my family. I still have a couple so they last a while.  You really only need two or three in a serving!

I made a couple of tweaks, cuz there were things that we didn’t have, or that I thought might make a difference

  • I didn’t have nuts that I wanted to put in it, so I just ditched that.
  • No sugar, so i used agave syrup and halved the amount.
  • No cinnamon, substituted nutmeg
  • And I used apple cider vinegar.

It makes for pretty good handrolled cookies. It was a bit sticky, but using a spoon wasn’t gonna work for me. I tried. So I dealt with the sticky. It wasn’t that much of a big deal.

Thing is that the recipe said it makes 44, but  I got 22. So maybe I doubled a bit while I was rolling them out?

But as awesome as this recipe is, it can only go so far for me. I need more than just snacks. I’d really like to change my eating to suit my PCOS needs, but I want to focus on homemade recipes. And I think it may be best to find things that are easily found in tropical regions. Anyone have suggestions?


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