The claddagh represents love (heart) friendship (hands) and loyalty (crown). I’ve already decided that i want this to be my wedding band. I already have two in silver, one with a red stone given to be my by mother that I never want away from me. If i take it off, I expect to have it back in a few hours. The second has a white stone, given to me by my sister for Christmas. It’s too big for me and I don’t usually have it on. I confess that it’s my surrogate whenever I take off the one my mother gave me. My mother’s gift has been battered, bruised, lost and found countless times, nervously chewed on, consistently subjected to attempted forced removal by friends, family and pet cats alike, used to open cans, to scratch persistent itches from wearing rings forever, switched from hand to hand – it’s experienced everything with me. True to its meaning, it’s been a loyal piece of jewelry for 5 years now.

I think it’s really cool, too, that 1) I can’t escape the Irish theme that I’ve grown up with – Irish bands tend to be among my most listened to songs – who would have guessed? – and 2) my mother gave it to me. Mother to eldest daughter. On a whim, because she knew I like hearts, and this one has a crown! – but how lucky that that happened! It almost guarantees that I’ll have Irish influences in my wedding! And that my eldest daughter will be getting one when she’s 20, and my eldest son will get my pocket watch when he’s 17. Yes. That will happen. My boy will be a man with a dank pocket watch and us girls will have claddagh, to represent our loyalty to parents and spouse.

I’m not engaged, or even in a relationship, so why am I even thinking about this? I could give a few reasons. None quite flow together.  Really, it’s all justifications for a thought. A rather persistent thought these days, but a mere thought nonetheless. Still, why so much so for this post?

I’ve constantly been told to pray for my future boyfriend, maybe-husband. To pray for what I want in one, and what I expect him to be like grow into, and to be able to grow with him. I’ve occasionally attempted to come up with these characteristics that I’d like. I haven’t been able to decide. I read Sadie’s story today, and it got me thinking about it again. But it takes it further than I went. To pray for him before we meet. To pray for his spiritual well-being and growth, to lend him strength when he needs it.  To keep him in mind and in heart when I pray for my own family and friends, keeping his own in prayer as well. To prepare us for each other in a timing.

I know what I want my marriage to be like, but what do I want my husband to be like?

More thought needs to be put into him.



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