Steven Universe and Christianity

This isn’t gonna be anything along the lines of RubyxSapphire, Stevonnie,  PearlxRose, or anything so, although those are legitimate issues that young Christians who are fans will face.

Nah, I’m gonna look at a couple of things that I’ve noticed a while back but never addressed. The imagery used surrounding Steven. Steven Universe focuses on the title character as he learns about being both human and gem from his father and the mom-squad who fought alongside his gem-mother in the war for Earth against their home world. Thing is, I’m not the only one who sees it.

Little boy, half human, half alien. Normal for the most part, and adorable, but there is the imminent must save the world bit, as is expected for a TV show. Playing with friends, learning life lessons,  learning about his mother and her heritage, struggling with his powers, fighting monsters, training monsters, crushing, fanboying out with his best friend, learning alongside her, yah pretty normal stuff that’s refreshing to see after shows in the past that ramp up their protagonist.

But two things seen so far that seem blatant, among what could be a possible double- or triple-digit total, that make me wonder about Rebecca and Steven Sugar’s past experience with Christianity, or if it was just a coincidence?

One is Steven’s origins. A boy who’s both human and not of this world, as mentioned before. Seen as human by his neighbours, seen as something more by his closest friends. Rose Quartz even alluded to it in Straight to Video.

every moment you love being yourself, that’s me, loving you and loving being you. 

Jesus is Son of Man, Son of God. He came as a human, but
He was also God. Which plays well into Jasper calling Steven Rose Quartz.

And this kid will save the world one day, possibly, as the fandom suspects, by sacrificing his own physical form.

The other is the whole healing spit thing revealed when he indirectly healed Connie’s eyes with backwash and shared juice. It’s really the latter that makes me wonder.

Since I started this post, I’m thinking, too, about Lion. I thought Lion of Judah, which tends to be used to refer to Jesus. Also the parallel with the sword coming from his mouth, sword in Lion’s mane. And the whole Lion walking on water thing. I dunno, lots of this seem like a stretch, and maybe it is, since nothing in the show is expressly Christian or religious. But the parallels are there.

I’m not saying that Christians should watch this because it’s so Christian look at the evidence. If it’s anything, it’s not necessarily that.

But it does make me wonder about the Sugar sibs and their religious  background,  or if it’s all coincidental and cool, and whether this whole half and half main hero character trope alludes to Christ, because it’s ingrained in us as Creation or, as others will jump on and say, THE PATRIARCHY!!!!!! 1111!!1! (Please, don’t.)

At the end of the day though, it’s a cartoon show. It’s funny, the characters are appealing, and relatable, there are issues not addressed, like children dealing with the loss of a parent they never knew, learning and accepting both parts of heritage, different kinds of Love – romantic, friendships, parent-child – elements and effects of war on individuals, relationships between different personalities, coming of age as something messy, violation of trust and physical violation as seen with Sardonyx, Pearl and Garnet. Plus the animation is so cute. And the Songs!!!!

As the Artistic Layman said in his post (linked above) it may not be religious, but completely secular, but it’s great that something like that reminds me of Christ.

– Kaye~


One thought on “Steven Universe and Christianity

  1. I see something that is deeply woven into the narrative, and that is the overarching theme of reconciliation. As of the two part special “Bismuth” Steven shows a complete aversion to lethal measures and has sought to understand and befriend his enemies throughout the series. This show has thus far taught that reconciliation is not easy, and it won’t always work, but it should always be pursued, and that is at the heart of the gospel.

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