I may have gotten my answer about the TARDIS and sign language.


I wish I could get the source gifset, but as it stands, this screenshot will have to do. But I do have the original video source.

Why is this important to me? Well, it’s actually pretty amazing that they not only included a Deaf woman as a major character (if only for the two-parter) but they made her an employee of UNIT, competent among her colleagues, and basically impervious to the ghost things! She’s a competent short-term companion, showing the Doctor what he missed. It was her that he went to.

It helps solidify the idea that Deaf isn’t disadvantageous.

So kudos BBC. Y’all are great there.

Also, what would make me useless and irritating in this episode is the fact that he says his TARDIS has a universal translator and that he speaks every language. Y’all remember my gripe about that?

Well, seems I’ve gotten my answer. In terms of the reality where we know it’s a TV show, it’s wonderful to see diversity extending to different languages, as this two-parter did. In the reality where the Doctor exists past pop culture and as a real entity, yeah, no, I’m gonna make my displeasure known to him. Every language pffffahhhh

“Yeah, I know we have a ghost on our hands, and it’s not so cute as old Mr. Jenkins from Scooby Doo, and it wants to kill us, and can physically do so, while we can’t kill them much less touch them, cuz they’re dead. But you lied! You don’t speak every language!”

“Semaphore,  he says!”

“We’re finishing this later!”

“What, you can speak horse and baby but you don’t know British Sign?! You practically live in Britain!!!! I don’t care if that’s not a legitimate excuse, you liar!”

Did you take off the TARDIS translator before we came?”

“Oy! Can you ask Cass if she needs an interpreter to understand us? Like, does she see us sign when we communicate? Cuz I can see her sign and not understand it. Why? Cuz he-” *pointing at the Doctor “- lied!”

“Wait, your name’s Lunn? Why did I think it was Moran? I like Moran better, I’ll call you Moran.”

“So the universal translator only works on spoken languages throughout time and space? Yes, this is completely important and needs to be addressed now!”

How can you speak horse!! There is nothing to suggest that horses can talk!  Extremely communicative, yes, but language they do not have.”

“I’m not putting off that 1977 trip to Nicaragua. Although, now, what’s the point?”

“So do you only know every spoken language then? Say something in Dothraki. Like, not quoted from Game of thrones. That was a whole spoken language developed for the show. With grammar and everything. How about Tolkien’s Elvish? No. Paolini’s. Sing the Elements song in Paolini’s Elvish.”

“He better come back, I’m not finished with this just yet.”

“Well, we’re trapped for a while. Can you two teach me some BSL while we wait for something to happen?

– Kaye~


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