What even is Truth anymore?!

Out of everything that I can blog about and get out and put out there (there is a list; starting from -n), there is one that keeps coming back. I think this is a good place to start. Everything just comes back to it recently. We keep seeing different horrendous acts done in the name of, or against Christianity. We see people mocking Christianity and misrepresenting its teachings and followers. We see Christian teachers teaching the wrong thing, because they believe the wrong thing. We see people who claim to be Christians act in a way that is not according to the Gospel, mocking non-Christians and condemning them for their unbelief, justifying their decision to not be believers themselves. We see Christians doing the same to other Christians.

I have Questions. They apply to Christians, both inwardly and externally.

  1. What teachings pertaining to Christianity are we learning? What do Christians actually believe? What is Truth? What is the Word?
  2. Who  are our spokespersons and teachers- Are they new believers with an unguided zeal? Are they established but lukewarm? Do they seem like they’re sensationalizing, putting others down in their mistakes, and scorning them rather than correcting them? (agh, seriously hope I’m not one of these with this one) Does anything they do or say seem wrong to you or seem contrary to the teachings you know to be of the Gospel?
  3. Can we differentiate between the overzealous and the false teachers and preachers, and the ones who candidly reprimand us for our souls’ sake?
  4. What do we, as individuals, personally  (truthfully) believe? Is what we believe found in the bible as taught by Christ and His Apostles – are they of the Holy Spirit? Do we know what is taught by Christ and His Apostles?
  5. Continuing this inward examination, are we permitting the continuation  of the wrong teachings? Are we accepting them?
  6. Are we going to accept what non-Christians say, in their misunderstanding, and not take it as an opportunity to teach them-without being rude!-acknowledging that their background may have proved otherwise regarding Christianity? Are we gonna let it slide, because we’re afraid, and let their words and opinions influence the next generation?
  7. Are we going to allow discrimination and dissent among ourselves as well as in society?
  8. Are you (Am I) truly a Christian?

Number 8 is a big one.

I want to do a big, long post for this. But I think these questions are enough. Hopefully, they’ll get you to think, and read and study the Word. Hopefully, they’ll get you to evaluate yourself as much as you evaluate what you come in contact with and from who.

I know I need to apply every one of these to myself. In terms of the external, I see lots that can be contradictory to what I’m learning. Internally, I recognize that I need to know and be able to confidently say what I believe in. Even as I put it out there for myself, I want you to consider these, for yourself. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest.


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