Interview with Caitlin Glass, Part 2: Faith and Voice Acting

She’s a VA that I really admire, so this interview is really well appreciated!

Beneath the Tangles

From Ouran High School Host Club’s Haruhi to Fullmetal Alchemist’s Winry Rockbell, Caitlin Glass has voiced some of anime’s most beloved characters.  She’s also funny, personable, and great to her fans.  Back in August, Caitlin was kind enough to answer a few questions about voice acting.  I was able to catch up with her at IKKiCON 2011 and finish our interview; this time, I asked her about her Christian faith.

TWWK:  I found out about your faith through an interview you did on the Fans for Christ website.  I admired how vocal you are.  Could you quickly tell us your testimony and how you became a Christian?

Caitlin:  Sure!  I only vaguely remember it because I’m one of those that grew up going to church, so as far as I recall, it was just a situation of being in children’s church and at the end of every Sunday, they…

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