Beef and mushroom tortellini

I don’t think this is my first time making pasta, since I definitely consider ramen noodles to be pasta, but it is the first time I made Italian pasta, and stuffed too. Yesterday I made steamed dumplings, and used the same folding you’d used for tortellini. Because of that, and the fact that there’s no food that I like in the house, I decided to make some today. I made soup. Completely experimented on it though.


It’s not much, and it does not look like any picturesque soup you’d find on Pinterest, but it is tasty.

For the dough, since I didn’t have eggs I had to look up a recipe for it. Just a cup, maybe a cup and a half of all purpose flour, a pinch of salt, and water (added sparingly). It gives you enough for two batches. This really only needed half the dough. I used a small cutter and got about twenty circles for the tortellini.

The filling was just some minced beef, and mushrooms, cooked in olive oil, pepper, Italian seasoning, parsley, oregano, Cayenne pepper. Added water for broth that I added to the soup.

The soup broth was easy too, but here I really experimented. 2 Ochroes cut up, half a carrot diced, some cabbage shredded, half a beet grated, some coconut milk and half a Maggie Soup-it-up, and two hot peppers. I was a little worried, because the veggies were for salad, and the beet turned it pink, the coconut milk was all you could taste, and I couldn’t really add anything else before I ruined it. But it’s really not bad. At least once it cooled down. The peppers give it a subtle heat, the milk adds texture and taste, and the veggies give it body

– Kaye~


I still have the second half of the dough to use. I dunno how yet. Any suggestions? It’s a simple water-flour mix. And I already did dumplings for the week.


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